17 year old Anabeth smith is a normal teenager and has a normal life until she meets the love of her life Anthony. whom she falls deeply and head over heels in love with, but a terrible mistake tears them apart.Anabeth feels like her life is useless and worthless. what happens next will make you feel deeply for the characters.


2. chapter two

I woke up to the smell of bacon . and eggs wafting through the whole house. I pulled my short blue skirt on and my tight lace bodice paired with my blue high top converse. I brushed my hair and swiped some lip gloss across my bottom lip. I made my way downstairs and noone was home. I found the plate of bacon and eggs and beside was a note that said:

Had to go to work early,

cya this afternoon, 

sorry honey,

mum xxxx.

I scrunched it up and threw it in the bin , they always went  to work early. I grabbed my backpack and walked to school. Today was a beautiful day, the sun was shining in the bright blue sky and it wasn't to hot or to cold, it was perfect. Nikki met me halfway to school, " where's cameron?" she yelled panting as she ran to catch up.

"no idea, he showed me up I guess," I said a lump rising in my throat, I swallowed it down.

"oh baby girl, it's okay maybe something came up," she gave my shoulders a quick squeeze as we walked into the school. Walking to class I saw Dan with olyvia. so he did show me up, I thought  and then I was like, "what is going on?"

"no idea," Cameron replied, "you tell me." After that I was so confused aand befuddled. what have I done, he is the one who showed me up, I thought on the way to class. As I walked into class so did Cameron, I smiled at him but he just brushed past me and sat next to Olyvia. "wow how could I have been so stupid to think he actually liked me," I murmered to myself and took a seat at the back as Olyvia sashayed over. "Hey Jacinta," she called and I rolled my eyes, " what?" I asked harshly.

"I was just coming over to say I think your so drop dead gorgeous and i'm so sorry for everything iv'e ever done to you," she replied and my mouth gaped. she just gave me a compliment and she never gives compliments to girls less than her. " thanxs I guess i'm sorry too," I said apologetically and she gave me a smile and added, "come sit with us." I got up and she linked arms with me, we walked over and sat down. As soon as I sat down the compliments started. First lea was like, "girl your so beautiful and I love your hair."

"your perfect and crazy pretty bub," Angelle added and Vashti chirped in, "yeah eah like a supermodel." I was dazed, was I deaming, I pinched myself, nope I wasn't dreaming. Maybe they all got hit on the head but anyway I was loving the change. Catching me of gaurd Olyvia added," Thanxs for everything, Cameron told us everything you said about us and your such a sweetheart." I looked over at Cameron and he ssmiled at me. I smiled back, guessing that had been what he was doing all morning. That moment everything seemed perfect and for the rest of the day it was. At lunchtime I walked into the cafeteria and all the cheerleaders were waving their arms," Jacinta come and sit with us," one of them shouted. I sashayed over to whispers of, "okay what happened?" and "no way." I sat next to Olyvia and she turned to me," i'm having a party tonight, wanna come?" "yeaah girl we want you to come," Lea added. "sure girls i'll come," I rreplied excitedly, smiling.

That night it took me like 2 hours to get dressed and ready. I decided on a short, short, love heart bodice, red dress. It's tight at the top and then flowing at the bottom. I put on my red highhells with ten straps and left my hair straightened down. I had to admit I looked pretty flawless a si walked into the party. When I came through the door, every boy stopped and stared. Olvia runs over and pulls me onto the dance floor, "you made it you look flawless," she tells me over the music. " thanxs you look stunning too," I told her and we both smiled. From that moment we danced for ever, drinking tequila shots. I danced with so many hot boys, until Cameron finnaly showed up, He made his way over and Olyvia said, " I need to go to the bathroom."

"You look beautifully stunning," hecomplimented and he couldn't take his eyes of me the whole time we danced. "I need a break," I shouted after we had anced to 6 songs in a row. "okay lets sit down," he lead me over to the couch and i sat down. He turned to me, "I  am just going to the bathroom, i'll be back." Then he left before I could say anything. He still wasdn't back, by that time I had talked to about 30 boys who all thought I was gorgeous, hugged by 20 of them, offered drinks by 5 of themand klisse by 2 of them. I was having a balst and the tequila shots were amazing. I decided to go look for Cameron, I could barely walk, I was wrecked. It took me like 5 minutes to get to the bathroom, by the time i got there I felt like fainting. I walked into the bathroom and the sight that I saw shocked me. Cameron and Olyvia were together. lips glued, arms and legs tangled, bodies swaying. she was kissing the life out of him. "oh," was all I could manage to say but it was enough, they both looked up. I froze caught his eye and ran. Cameron called my name but I didn't stop running. I ran out into the rain, reality hitting me like a freight train. As i stood in the rain the feeling of stupiditybroke out. I knew it was too good to be true, having a perfect guy like cameron and perfect friends. I was so stupid to believe it was real. The tears were burning my eyes a sthey flowed down my cheeks. so many emotions were washing over me sadness, anger, frustration, you name it. Thats when I feel a slight pressure on my shoulder. I turn around and Cameron is standing there, "I'm sorry," he apologized. By this time we were both soaked through and I was still crying. I refused to look up at him as he apologised again, "I trly am sorry,  it was a stupid mistake." "It's fine just leave me alone," I tell him crying hard. "please forgive me?" he asks sincerly and i look up at him. I don't say anything, so he slowly very carefully, puts his hands on my waist. so gently as if I was going to puhs him away any moment. which I would have if it weren't for the fact that i had oddly forgiven him. that's when it happened, CRASH!! BANG!! BOOM!! everything around me exploded and I drowned with no mercy. His perfect lips met mine ina a kiss so passionate that it made me realise all this was for real. He kissed me, he actually kissed me was all i could think. I couldn't stop sneezingg after that because i had  a cold from standing in the freezing rain.  After we went back inside to the party, cameron grabbed his jumper of the chair and put it over me. it was oversized but i loved it. we then went and snuggle don the couch together to keep warm, when olyvia walkes over, "Jacinta please forgive me , i'm so wrecked i didn't mean anything," she apologized and I got up and slapped her across the face, everyone stared as the slap echoed around the room. "that's for going behind my back and lieing," i said giving her a hug," and this is because i love ou to much to stay made at you." she hugged me back, "thanks for understanding you really are a true friend," we pulled apart and Nash comes over pulling olyvia away to dance. she gave me that 'is it okay if i go' look. "go have fun girl, you deserve it," i finished sneezing and sat back down with my head on camerons lap well  i was actually laying. he gave me a kiss on the forehead and busied himself playing with my hair. i passed out and felt him kiss my forehead again.

when i woke up that morning i realised i was still at the party asleep on camerons lap. the house was a mess and there were  a few people slepping here and there. I quietly got up off camerons lap and went outside to the balcony. it was so nice out there. I felt Cameron behind me and i turned around and he looked so cute , his hair all messy and he had no shirt on. "it's so cold out here," he told me and i replied "only cause you havent got a shirt on." "well you have a jumper my jumper, so you can keep me warm," he replied with a playful smile and i laughed as he chased me around the balcony. i squeled as he finnaly caught me, wrapping me in his arms and i wrapped my arms around him. I looked up at him and asked," better?"

"much better," he replied and he lent down resting his forehead against mine. "do you know we have to go to school soon and im completely hung over," i cried and he replied, "me too." for about half an hour we stood there foreheads together arms around each other, eyes closed, just taking in this beautiful moment we had together. "guys one hour before school starts," it was olyvia but when she saw us she backed up and apologized, "oh im sorry." "Its fine we both were just going," cameron said walking away but not before saying bye to me.


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