everything i wished for

haley and aev were best friends. they were just going to the mall when their whole life twisted around


3. Chapter 3

hey guys! I'm so sorry for not updating, I have been busy but it's like 3 in the morning so I'm gonna try and update but thanks for the comments💘-lukesgrier

Haley's POV

great, I looked up as I got called to partner up with some guy named luke. I didn't even know there was a Luke in the 11th grade. but whatever, I'm just hoping it wasn't the guy that I ran into at the mall, that'd be seriously the most embarrassing thing ever.

Luke's POV

I looked around to see if I could find a girl named haley till I looked right next to me seeing a beautiful girl, I looked down at the paper on her desk and it said haley, so I spoke up and said

"you must be haley?"

"yeah, are you luke"

I nodded with a slight smile and asked if if she had any idea of what the project was gonna be about. before she could answer, the teacher quieted everyone down and told us that the project was about getting to know the other person, so we just started talking about the usual stuff like our families, food and of course music. we didn't really get to talk to much because the bell rang. we waited for everybody else to leave and while we were walking out, she said

"I had fun today, you seem like a cool guy"

I was kinda surprised because it seemed that she didn't really like me to much. but I replied with

"thanks, I had fun to. see you at lunch?"

she nodded with a half smile. I think I could get used to this.

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