everything i wished for

haley and aev were best friends. they were just going to the mall when their whole life twisted around


2. chapter 2

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(fast forward to the first day of school)

Haleys POV

I woke up from a buzzing sound. I look over to see my alarm clock. wow 5:00 am. I'm really not looking forward to school. I'm 17 and going into my junior year. but it's the first day so I get up and everybody is always stressing about what to wear on the first day but I just grab one of my usual outfits, a nirvana shirt with some ripped skinny jeans and my black vans. once I'm done I put my hair up and do my normal makeup.

I finished getting ready, so i text aev to come and pick me up. while I was waiting for her I went on my phone to check my social media.

fast forward to car ride :)

when we were in the car we were listening to nirvana and "rocking out" we tried so hard to get the thought of school off our minds but that didn't work. about five minutes later we pulled into the school parking lot. "ew" I said. AEV just replied with a groan and we headed inside. when we entered the school we had to split up to go to our lockers. I went to my locker and I put in my com. I opened up my locker and dropped my pencil. I went to go pick it up when I see a boy. an extremely tall boy who seemed familiar. then I remember he was the boy I ran into at the mall. I tried to ignore him because he was just so good looking it made my stomach feel like there were butterflies jittering around. I realized I was just standing in the middle of the hall way when the bell rang. I snapped out of it and walked to my first hour, English.

I walk in the room and find a seat. I sit down and then see the boy again. hopefully he doesnt sit by me because it's just embarrassing that I literally ran into him at the mall. but of course he sits down next to me. I manage to give him a small smile and he doesn't seem to recognize me. thank god.

Luke's POV

I was going to be new at a high school this year with all of my best fiends, mikey, ash, and cal, and I was kind of nervous that I might not fit in but whatever. I drove to school in the new car that I got over the summer and I went straight to my locker and then to my first hour which was English. I sat down next to a girl who looked so familiar but I just ignored it and listened to the teacher. then she said we were going to et picked partners and she named the people and there were only two names left and I knew I had to be one of them because I haven't been called. it was me and a girl named haley.

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