everything i wished for

haley and aev were best friends. they were just going to the mall when their whole life twisted around


1. Chapter 1

Haley's POV

I wake up to the sound of my phone buzzing to find a text from my best friend aevray. she asked me if I wanted to go to the mall for "back to school clothes" because school starts in two days. ugh I hate school. all the "popular girls" and relationships. the worst part is being in high school. but anyways, I text back saying sure so I go and get ready. I get in the shower, change into some high wasted shorts and a crop top from forever 21. I just put my hair into a normal side bride and text aev to come pick me up.

at the mall

while we were at the mall, we went to what seemed like every store such as wet seal, h&m, aero and of course my 2nd home aka hot topic.

we were walking out of wet seal when I saw a really cool shirt over at it topic so I went to go check it out. while I was walking I ran into a boy. I looked up and he was extremely tall. he had amazing blue eyes and then I realized I was just standing there staring at him. I quickly snapped out of it when aev came over and tapped me on the shoulder I quickly said sorry and he did the same. we walked away but I couldn't get him off my mind. but whatever,he was just a random guy that I ran into at the mall.

Lukes POV

I was listening to "i miss you" by blink182 when I was bumped into. I looked up from my phone to see a girl. she had gorgeous eyes. bright green with brown around the edges. she had blonde hair tied off in a side braid. I realized she was staring at me so I walked away and apologized.

I was walking away thinking I'd never see that girl again. the thought made me kind of sad because she was gorgeous but whatever, she was just a girl i ran into at the mall.

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