The council sent 100 criminal teenagers down to Earth to try to save the human race. Once they arrive, they face many of the dangers of living in the wild. Bellamy, a janitorial criminal, left the Ark to be with his sister, Octavia. When Octavia is out with Clarke to search the surrounding area, Bellamy spots Ellinora working on a fence built to protect the group. He studies her form and her strength. Murphy pushes past him to get to Ellinora. He threatens to hurt her, but Bellamy reprimands him. Bellamy keeps his eye on Ellinora for the rest of the journey, until Murphy gets pushed out of the camp. Bellamy later deduces that he is in love with the girl that he is keeping guard of.      


5. Recovery

    I woke up from a light slumber to see that Finn had not left my side. He was sleeping right beside me, looking so innocent. Sometimes, it was hard to believe that he was a criminal. I attempted to sit up, but I felt a sharp pain in my abdomen. I thought that I had only hurt my legs.

    “Stop trying to move,” Jasper said as I finished struggling,” You will only worsen your wounds. Just lay there and relax, everything will be alright.” I looked down at my abdomen, seeing some makeshift bandage wrapped around it. I turned to Finn, and watched him awaken with such grace. His eyes were red with tears and his nose was red and irritated from crying. He placed a hand on my face and mumbled a few words at me.

    “I’m sorry that I left you there alone. This is all my fault,” he whispered as I grabbed one of his wrists. I placed his hand on my hip and felt a tear form in my eye. It was not his fault. I glanced up at the hand that was caressing my hair, and saw small slits in his wrist. He stopped holding me and turned away. I started to hear sobbing. Jasper grasped my attention and started to explain his crying.

    “He just feels pained about you being hurt. He told me that he threatened to kill Murphy. I guess he really loves you. More than he did Clarke,” Jasper told me as I looked up to see Clarke standing at the top of the ladder. I could see that pained expression that she was trying to hide. She loved Finn, I had only grown fond of him. Clarke walked over to where I was laying and untied the bandage.

    I started to feel light headed when I looked down to see a gash in my lower abdomen. My vision started to blur as I heard three words,” He loves you.”

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