The council sent 100 criminal teenagers down to Earth to try to save the human race. Once they arrive, they face many of the dangers of living in the wild. Bellamy, a janitorial criminal, left the Ark to be with his sister, Octavia. When Octavia is out with Clarke to search the surrounding area, Bellamy spots Ellinora working on a fence built to protect the group. He studies her form and her strength. Murphy pushes past him to get to Ellinora. He threatens to hurt her, but Bellamy reprimands him. Bellamy keeps his eye on Ellinora for the rest of the journey, until Murphy gets pushed out of the camp. Bellamy later deduces that he is in love with the girl that he is keeping guard of.      


4. Injury

        I awoke with a burning feeling in my legs. I looked over to where Finn was, only to see that he was gone. A cackle filled the air.

        "Fire burns as she returns. Fire burns as she returns," I looked up to see Murphy standing by the fire that Finn had put out before we fell asleep. I looked down at my legs to see my pants engulfed in flames. I had attempted to get up, but I could not move. I started screaming as Murphy grabbed my wrists and pulled me out of my hole. People started to question themselves of whether or not to help me. I saw Bellamy look over and shout at Murphy.

    “Murphy, what are you doing to that poor girl,” he said as he realized that I was the girl that he helped before. He sprinted to the spot where my assailant left me to burn. “Someone fetch me some water, and hurry,” he shouted as Clarke glanced over to spot the flames dancing on my legs. She ran from the carrier, which most called Home, and hastily poured the water from her own cup onto the fire. I felt a strong sensation of pain release from my shins and feet as Bellamy picked me up and carried me.

    “How could she just sleep through this? I would have at least woken her up,” Clarke said as many people gathered to listen,” Why didn’t you wake her from her slumber? Why?” I looked out at the silhouettes of teenagers as Bellamy shouted for Finn to help me up the ladder. 

    Finn gracefully wrapped an arm around my waist, lifting me off the ground and handing me to Jasper. I was pulled up into a second room filled with seats. I could tell that they tried to gut out the room to form a med center, or a resting place. Jasper placed me down on a sheet that was spread out for me by Octavia. She handed me a jacket and a new pair of pants to change into.

    “You are going to need this,” she said as she removed my trousers. Finn stepped from the ladder and turned to see me. Octavia had told him to turn away, but he didn’t listen. He approached me and placed a reassuring hand on my shoulder.

    “I’m here. I’m here. Don’t worry, you will be fine,” he said to me as he started caressing my hair from my face. I saw the pain forming in his eyes, tears starting to fall.

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