The council sent 100 criminal teenagers down to Earth to try to save the human race. Once they arrive, they face many of the dangers of living in the wild. Bellamy, a janitorial criminal, left the Ark to be with his sister, Octavia. When Octavia is out with Clarke to search the surrounding area, Bellamy spots Ellinora working on a fence built to protect the group. He studies her form and her strength. Murphy pushes past him to get to Ellinora. He threatens to hurt her, but Bellamy reprimands him. Bellamy keeps his eye on Ellinora for the rest of the journey, until Murphy gets pushed out of the camp. Bellamy later deduces that he is in love with the girl that he is keeping guard of.      


2. Fire

            After everyone exited the shuttle, I had stayed behind. I had taken the belts off of a seat and used them to tie my coat in a pack to carry food. I stepped outside to see that the other teenagers had started to settle in by claiming a spot to rest, or indulge in a little activity. I walked past a couple that started to undress each other. 

        “Hey, where you going?” I heard a voice say as I left the territory. I turned to see who owned the voice, Finn. I simply told him that I was just going to find some plants, but he insisted that he join me. As I started walking again, he followed after me. I would turn to see him watching our surroundings. He looked up at me and attempted to start a  small chat.

        "What are you looking for, anyway? I get it that you are looking for plants, but why?" he asked me as I loosened the pack from my shoulder and put fallen branches and leaves in it. I tried to explain to him that I was gathering food, but he didn’t comprehend. I gathered some dried twigs to start a fire with as Finn brought a flower to me.

    “For you, beautiful,” he whispered to me as I received the flower. I looked up to see him moving the hair out of my face. I placed my hands down by my side as he wrapped his arms around my waist. He pulled me into a tight embrace. I felt a hand slip up my back and into my hair. He looked into my eyes and pulled me into a kiss. I felt a rush of energy flow through my bones. He pulled away and whispered in my ear,”Let’s gather some plants.”

    We returned to the camp and entered the shuttle. I had unloaded the berries and leaves that I had gathered. I set them in a seat as Finn walked up behind me with a leaf full of water.

    “I found a stream near by. You need to drink,” he said as I accepted the beverage. It tasted refreshing. Finn sat down on the floor next to me and wrapped an arm around me. I heard a loud bang and saw Clarke enter the room. She called Finn over and started talking about a boy named Jasper. They left as Octavia joined the conversation. Finn turned to look at me and mouthed a quick,”See you soon.”

    I walked outside to use the wood that I had gathered earlier. I had found a small hole, roughly five feet long and three feet wide. I put my belongings in that hole and arranged the branches in a circular pattern. I had stacked and tied bundles together to start a fire. I had a flame forming when a boy dumped water on it. I looked up to see that it was John Murphy. He jumped down into the hole and said something about rules.

    “I believe that it is against the rules to make fire. I am going to have to keep an eye on you until you follow the rules,” he said. I reminded him that there were no rules. He scoffed and turned away, walking to see Bellamy about the rule changes. He walked over to me to tell me about the rules.

    “Listen, I don’t know you, but I can see that you are a council princess. And I know that you are used to rules, but here... Here, there are no rules,” Bellamy completed as he reignited my fire.

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