The council sent 100 criminal teenagers down to Earth to try to save the human race. Once they arrive, they face many of the dangers of living in the wild. Bellamy, a janitorial criminal, left the Ark to be with his sister, Octavia. When Octavia is out with Clarke to search the surrounding area, Bellamy spots Ellinora working on a fence built to protect the group. He studies her form and her strength. Murphy pushes past him to get to Ellinora. He threatens to hurt her, but Bellamy reprimands him. Bellamy keeps his eye on Ellinora for the rest of the journey, until Murphy gets pushed out of the camp. Bellamy later deduces that he is in love with the girl that he is keeping guard of.      


3. Feasting

            I had fashioned a bowl out of a slab of wood that I found while foraging that day. I used the bowl to boil some of the water that Finn had given me to cook the plants and herbs I had found. I had placed the bowl over the fire that I had ignited and waited for the water to boil. After the water boiled, I had placed the seaweed in the bowl.

        “You know, that seaweed saved my life,” a boy about my age walked up and said as I had poured the mixture from the bowl. He introduced himself as Jasper. “What’s your name? It must be something amazing,” he added as I looked up at him and nodded. I couldn’t speak for some reason, my lips felt as if they were glued shut.

        “Ellinora,” I had finally said as I finished pouring the water into a flask. I had clasped it shut when Clarke walked over. She had pulled Jasper aside and whispered in his ear. He turned to me to wave a quick goodbye. I had poured more water into the wooden bowl when Finn came and joined me in a feast, or at least it felt like one. We ate berries and figs as others went to gather by the fire that Bellamy had produced.

        "We don't need them," he whispered as I bit into a charred piece of greenery," We have each other, and with my Earth-Skills and your knowledge of plants, we can survive." I had started to drift into a deep slumber as he put out the fire.

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