The council sent 100 criminal teenagers down to Earth to try to save the human race. Once they arrive, they face many of the dangers of living in the wild. Bellamy, a janitorial criminal, left the Ark to be with his sister, Octavia. When Octavia is out with Clarke to search the surrounding area, Bellamy spots Ellinora working on a fence built to protect the group. He studies her form and her strength. Murphy pushes past him to get to Ellinora. He threatens to hurt her, but Bellamy reprimands him. Bellamy keeps his eye on Ellinora for the rest of the journey, until Murphy gets pushed out of the camp. Bellamy later deduces that he is in love with the girl that he is keeping guard of.      


1. Banished

     After being put into a cell, I looked up through the only window at the darkened planet. I had heard rumors that they were sending people down there to reduce population, but there was no proof. A tall man had walked in with my mother at his side. He grabbed my forearm and pulled me up off of the floor.

        "I am sorry," my mother managed to spit out at me as the man dragged me into a different room. Many other teenagers and young adults were seated in the room. They sat with distressed, yet enticing looks on their faces. I was put into a seat next to a boy named Finn, or in his mind, Space Jumper. He attempted to make conversation with me, but I didn’t feel like talking to anyone. He looked at me with desperate eyes, yearning for my attention. Instead of listening, I looked around the room to see if I recognized anyone.

    Clarke, Wells. I thought to my self. I had not had the opportunity to get to know very many people of my age. I had always been a recluse, an outcast. My mind raced to thinking about my only friend, my mother. She had turned me in to the council by telling them that I had done wrong. I remember the look on her face when I begged and pleaded not to say a word to her fellow chairmen. She had just simply turned away. I did nothing wrong, besides the fact that I had drawn and painted on the walls of The Ark. I snapped back into reality when the room jolted forward.

    “This in not a room,” I heard a girl say. She was probably about my age, I could tell by the pitch and tone her voice contained,”It’s an escape shuttle.”

    I looked over at Finn, he was starting to unclip his seatbelt. I saw others repeating this action. Finn floated over to where Clarke and Wells sat silently. I overheard Clarke telling Finn that what he was doing was dangerous. I agreed completely. A huge bang shook the carrier and three teenagers went flying through the air, two of which had hit the wall with such immense impact. Finn was the only survivor of the three. We had landed on Earth and had all unbuckled. Many of the criminals had gathered by the door, being interrupted by a tall, older man. Bellamy, they called him. He led a girl named Octavia out of the craft, and told her that she was the first human back on the planet in one hundred years.

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