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"I-I uhh I like your face."

in which a girl who cares too much about fictional characters in books and an awkwardly tall bean pole run into each other in the awkwardest situations


1. 01: Ramen Noodles ; Dibs

Luke bit his lip, purely out of habit when he noticed she was here. No he didn't follow her ( if he did that would be way out of context because he can't even say hi to a girl without almost pissing himself ) and hoped she didn't get the wrong idea when she saw him, or even if Luke let her see him.


Attempting to sneak past the aisle she was in was a very bad decision because he ended up getting his foot caught - which happened on a daily basis because he was well Luke - on a rack and ended up in a heap of ramen noodles ( which was ironic because Luke absolutely hated ramen noodles ). He heard footsteps rush towards him and hearing the sound of heavy combat boots made him want to cry because he knew it was her ( a few other people were near him but didn't care enough to help ( mainly because it was the jocks but they never helped with anything )).


"Luke?" Her soothing voice asked - her voice may have not sounded soothing to other people but Luke liked it, especially when she said his name. ( Cue the perverted comment from Calum who was too busy trying to pick out what hand wash smelled better, Lavender or Pumpkin Spice ( he already knew which one he wanted, Pumpkin Spice obviously, he just didn't want to help out Luke )). *insert my eye roll*


"Luke." She repeated again but this time with more demand in her voice. ( Cue another perverted comment from Calum who was secretly watching them out of the corner of his eye ).


He lifted his head, packs of ramen noodles falling around him - making him want to cringe in disgust and looked at her. The thing is he literally laid there looking at her, now picture this, you crouched down in front of Luke having some sort of staring contest with him, weird right?" ( I'd find it hot but that's just me ).


"You do realize you're staring right?" Rosie questioned becoming uncomfortable because he had been doing this for about five minutes now ( with Calum and Michael snickering at his state because who wouldn't, Ashton was too busy hitting on the cashier to notice ).


His cheeks immediately turned different arrays of red - making him look like a human cherry ( which in my defense is kind of cute don't slay me ) and buried his face back into the ramen noodles, even if the scent made him want to cut his nose off.


Calum began to feel bad for his friend - which was a first because he rarely ever felt bad for anyone unless he really liked you ( insert eye roll from me cause Calum will never like me ) Grabbing the Pumpkin Spice hand wash ( that's my baby ) he made his way over to Luke, with Michael trailing behind. Michael on the other hand really wished Calum would have just left them alone because he really would have liked to see how the situation would play out ( Michael you naughty boy no wonder why you dyed your hair red ) but followed behind anyway because he felt some sort of sympathy for Luke.


"Luke do you uhh do you need help?" Calum asked, watching Rosie stand up from her crouching position - which Calum found extremely hot because he's Calum and also her outfit choice hit him right there ( if you know what I mean).


"Is this uh normal?" Rosie questioned, still getting used to the boys various personalities ( she's only known them for a week give her a break, mainly because she so happens to find Luke ( and his friends ) wherever she goes ).


"Yeah he always has issues with girls especially really hot ones." Michael replied, not realizing what he said until Rosie's mouth dropped ( now i like to exaggerate ) down to the floor and trust me when I say this, his face turned as red as his hair. "No like I mean you're hot but Luke called dibs on you, wait I wasn't supposed to say that shit!"


"Dibs" What am I an object?" Rosie scoffed becoming really offended but in actuality she was trying to fight a smile because she has never liked a group of boys so much in her entire life ( except for the ones in fiction novels of course).


"Goddamn it Michael!" Luke's muffled voice yelled - which sounded really hot even to Rosie - as he attempted to roll out of the pile of ramen noodles.


"What the hell is going on?!"


"Wow Ashton thanks for joining us." Calum replied sarcastically with an eye roll, earning him a smack to the back of his head ( which was really loud because even the people a few aisles down from them heard it ).


"Excuse me but what is this?!" They spun around - except for Luke cause he was still struggling to get out of the noodles - and were met with a fuming manger ( and this time I'm not exaggerating his face was redder than Michaels hair ).


"Abort mission!" Calum yelled, ripping Luke off the ground ( literally and dropping the hand soap cue my tears ) and running out the door with the others trailing behind. They managed to make it to the boys car ( I'm saying managed because Luke stalled them because he ran into a shopping cart and fell flat on his face ) and were breathing heavily, Michael wheezing because this is the most physical activity hes ever gotten ( unless you count the numerous times he's walked in circles around their apartment because he grew mad over a COD level ).


"So about Luke calling dibs on me...."Rosie began.


"Michael you're an asshole."







He actually didn't think that but we all know he did because he's Luke Hemmings but anyway if you liked this story you should subscribe and give it a little heart, comment too telling me what you think. This story if purely writing to be funny and stupid so if you're not into that I'm sorry...I guess but anyway I love you beautiful people.



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