His Girl(ON HOLD)

Im Ashton Irwins girl? What!!!! Why would he like me, I totally will not make it with the fangirls anymore.


3. The First Date

Ashtons P.O.V

Today, I finally get to take Christa on  a date!!! But, if she gets drunk I am totally screwed and then Christa has to go marry Niall Horan, she is also in love with him his posters are all in her room.I swear there is tiny cameras in  those posters. Well time to go.

*Time skip to resturaunt*

We got to the resuraunt and I immediately swept her off her feet and kissed her. It was amazing, but I forgot to keep her away from alcohol so she got drunk and something slipped from her mouth,the words were "Daddy, I love you, am I your favorite?" She doesn't know how much that turned me on so I slipped out of the bar and we went to the backseat of my care and well lets not go there, but I promise it was safe. When we got back, Micheal saw Christa and had gotten a phone call from Harry Styles saying that me and Christa were at a bar. Damn, guess Christas not going to be my GF after all.

"Christa, I have set up a date, for you and Niall to go to tomorrow night dress nice, not like a slut ok." Micheal said "Btw, Luke and Calum are your Chaperons tomorrow so please dress nice and appropriate."

With that she went upstairs took a shower, brushed her teeth and hair. Then came downstairs and kissed Micheal on the cheek. She was the spitting image of Micheal. Micheal went upstairs after her to tuck her into bed and lock her door.

Christas P.O.V

Once he did that I put my self size doll in my bed. I dressed up nice and sneaked out the window to go hang with Gemma Styles my new BFF. We went to the bar and got drunk then came back to my room climbed back up the ladder and decided to have a sleepover.

*Next morning*

"Hey Gemma!!! Guess who I have a date with tonight!" I asked her excitedly

"Let me guess, Is it Niall?" She asked

"Yes!!!!" I said 

She helped me pick out my outfit for my date, then I put it on and we headed to the beauty salon this is going to be an awesome night!!!!

*Time skip to date*

"Christa, Luke, and Calum you all look lovely tonight" Niall said

"Thanks, I am sorry but these 2 are my Chaperons, Michael insist im sorry" I said

"Dont be, Christa would you like to dance?" He asked

"I am sorry but Ms.Clifford can not dance, Michaels orders" Luke said.

"Well I guess we must be going then,"Luke and Calum said"Come on Ms.Clifford you have to get home its almost your curfew"

We got in the limo, and drove off. That was the most boring date I have ever been on. Well got to go to sleep now.This was so boring.

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