His Girl(ON HOLD)

Im Ashton Irwins girl? What!!!! Why would he like me, I totally will not make it with the fangirls anymore.


2. Living in a house with 5SOS

Christas P.O.V

You know you would think living with 5SOS would be so great... Well its not! See 5SOS gets rushed out the door every morning and they're just ready to go while me I am still in my pajamas (Which is just underwear and a bra) god damn its embarassing like why!They all snicker when this happens but Ashton doesnt because he knows how it feels. So Ashton started laying out cute outfits and gives Michael a child backpack leash thing that will match that outfit so it keeps me away from Ashton, but  I dont like it so I bite the leash them Micheal lets me go and I go hold hands with Ashton. It's super cute when Micheal says Christa get away from Ashton, but I answer in a cute baby voice and I say no. We all laugh, and have a good time. This is such a better life then my boring life in NYC. Michael says, if I want to stay with them on the bus I have to perform, yeah not gonna happen...... But I have to but I suck at singing. Seriously, I stink. Michael and Luke are going to dye my hair just like Michaels so it looks like were twinsies. Which I think is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

*My first Concert begins*

So I get on stage, I look like a mix of Luke and Michael and I think i look super cute!!! Ashton call me over after the first song and asked if I wanted to sit on his lap. I said yeah!!! Of course I mean I was going to be his GF soon so I said yes. Once I sat on his lap he began bouncing me up and down while playing the drums. Wow, my future boyfriend is talented. During the last song, which was Kiss me Kiss me he asked me out in front of all the fans I was amazed by the awesome reaction of the audience they just stood there in awee it was beautiful. I wish it could be like this forever but it can't, one day he wont love me anymore and maybe who knows I will end up Marrying Nial Horran from 1 direction who is madly in love with me well, what am I thinking the whole band is madly in love with me. This is where the real story begins





Whats up guys  Datsecret nerd here just saying here is the access code for this movella if you ever want to read ahead of what im writing ok See ya!!! 09030b39-0b8a-4a7c-a9d3-0e3169aa8bad

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