His Girl(ON HOLD)

Im Ashton Irwins girl? What!!!! Why would he like me, I totally will not make it with the fangirls anymore.


4. Flashback to when Me + Michael got seperated/ Crying all night


Christas P.O.V

Me and Michael were in the car, then all I saw were car lights, and Michael being the older sibling he got me out of the car and ran with me away from the car before it exploded. I was crying and crying because Mum and Dad were dead. I cried and cried and Mikey just held me tight. Then a car passed and called 911. We got taken to the police station and we were asked for our full names. I said mine was Christa Marie Clifford, and he said his which was Michael Gordon Clifford. They told us that everything will be alright  but that me and Mikey would be split up. This was 12 years ago, so future me doesnt remember. 

*Back to the Present*

Thinking of this trying hard to remember made me cry. I cried Loud and Loud because I was asleep and was reliving the nightmare. Michael rushed in,  and started calming me I kept screaming. I didn't know what to do I couldn't wake up. It was as if I was in a coma and what was happening to me now was happening to me in real life and I just wanted to scream. They took me to the Hospital. I was in a Coma the doctors couldn't tell how long I was going to be in a Coma for. All I know is Luke, Michael, Ashton and Calum were all in panic. 

Michaels P.O.V

Its been two weeks and she has no brain activity, she is still screaming and well I guess her time on earth is over, it was nice knowing my sister for like 5 years and 1/2. I dont want to lose her, she is the only person I have. I need her, I will never love anyone like I loved my sister she is my everything she is my life

I walked into the room and saw her laying there peacefully, she was on the other side I think when I saw her. I heard the brain monitor start beeping, she is back to life I cant believe it I want to cry my eyes out badly.I called the doctor and nurse in and they started giving her meds and checked her pulse and then she screamed my name. 

"Michael!!!!!!!!" She screamed

"Christa your alive, you were dead for like an hour, I am so happy your back." I said

The doctor said to leave her alone and well I left her room and went to hug the boys and said she is alive.


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