His Girl(ON HOLD)

Im Ashton Irwins girl? What!!!! Why would he like me, I totally will not make it with the fangirls anymore.


1. First Concert

Christas P.O.V

I cant believe it!!! I am at my first 5SOS concert its so amazing!!!Plus I got a back stage pass!!! This will be so awesome.

*Concert Begins*

"ARE YOU READY NEW JERSEY TO BE ROCKED!!!!!!!!!!!"Luke screamed.

They started off with good girls which was my favorite song eve!!!!! Then it was dont stop, and my english love affair. That was the best and probably the last concert ever since I work in NYC and I have a super busy schedule, thats right im 17 and have a job in NYC tough life. I really never knew what a childhood was like since, my parents died when I was 5 I got split up with my big bro, he is possibly 18 now if he is still alive god forbid something bad happened to him, all i know is his name. His name is Micheal, but god people say I look like Micheal Clifford from 5SOS, just because me and micheal are both German, Australian, Irish, Scottish and English doesnt mean were brother and sister does it? Well who knows, but anyways time to go backstage.They took some girls in and I was lucky one of them was me!!! OMG!!! I cant believe it. I am actually meeting them!!! OMFG!!! I CAN HUG THEM AND GIVE EM MY NUMBERS OMFG!!! OMFG!!!! Ok, so I hugged Luke, and Calum. But then Micheal looks at me and cries. He says "come here and give me a hug please." So i did and he cried. "I havent seen you since mum and dad died, your so beautiful and all grown up! I have to change that!!" Thats when I realised Michael was right.I was his sister and I am proud of it.Thats when I realized i could not go back to NYC when I have found my brother who is technically my legal guardian now. I have to stay with him. Then I noticed his cute friend apparently his name is, Ashton Irwin he smiled and I went and gave him a hug and said "Hello Stranger, Im Christa and you are?"

"Hello Beauty from my dreams, I am Ashton Irwin and Might I say you are a lovely being" He said

I blushed a little, I had a psychic feeling that he is my soul-mate, Mum was right, I would fall in love with Mikeys friend but I didnt believe her but now I am in love. When that awkward moment a kiss slipped, but I didnt kiss him,he kissed me!! Micheals expression changed from so happy to see me, to im going to kill you ashton. I guess this is where my adventure begins



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