Insane People are Left Lonely

This is a poem I wrote last night (11/11/14).


1. Poem

In that mall brand designer-locket was a little blue note.

It had one, one last name, in the penman ship of my old science notes

Makes you seem like an old third grade crush

And that maybe we dated for a day but too embarrassed to touch.

But you make me feel like my insanity's crumbling down

Like I'm actually sane

Like there's actually hope in this world

They were wrong about me being a nasty little girl.

You used a red push pin to kill all these paper towns.

So we could creates something real out of dust bits, and clinging particles.

Now it's 3am..

Creative writing ideas.

feeling crazy

3 months later, 2:30 am

You're across the country having fun

And I'm sitting home alone getting some

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