Definition of Sin

Syn will always be the definition of Sin, or so he thinks. The process through his high school and even his adult life is hard process, follow Syn through life looking for meaning, looking for happiness, love and friendship.
*Note: May contain boy love, girl love and boy/girl relationships*
*May 'explicit' content*


4. Envy



Chapter Two



      The period I was in was lunch. I wasn’t eating though. I barely ate, it’s not that I don’t want to eat, it’s just that after my parents died I lost my appetite.

      The shade hovered over me, keeping my eyes untouched by the scorching sun.

      I watched as other kids talked to their friends. I watched as the happiness seemed to reflect on their aura.

      A Talent of mine was seeing peoples’ true colors. I was great at detecting lies.

      Not many people see auras…I was the lucky few.

      There were a range of colors to bright yellow, to the deepest black, to clearest white.

      For example, A young girl of age 16 sat with her friends, She didn’t seem to have the same aura, happiness, affection, creativity, glowing about her. Her aura read jealousy, resentment, Victimizing herself, Blaming other people for her lack of self esteem, Insecurity seemed to be her highest glow in her aura though.

      The color was a dark, muddy forest of a green.

      The color of Envy.

      Auras explained peoples darkest secrets, explains the truth behind their knit picking eyes.

      The 16 year old girl was Lexi Hill, A popular, I’m-too-good-for-you stuck up attitude girl who hides behind the so fake that it should be awarded smile.

      I used to know her when she was younger. She used to have black hair that hung below her eyes, she used to never be able to meet someone's gaze because the fear of being smacked. Her step-father had driven her into the chilling truth that she was not as perfect as she thought she was.

      She was beaten into submission from her stepfather, dominated by her step-brother and the next thing Lexi knew they were arrested and thrown into prison for child abuse.

      This Lexi that we see today is a new improved Lexi, or so her friends think.

      Her Aura tells otherwise.

      How do I know this?

      Well I know every dirty little secret that Miami High School has for me to know.

      I know that the starting quarterback wasn’t as perfect as everyone thought.

      I knew everything.

      That’s why people were scared of me.

      I wasn’t a Bad-boy. I didn’t come to school driving a motorcycle, and wearing more leather than Cat-woman.  But I was one heck of a B.A, I had the black mailing information that could take down the school principal.

      Mr. Lexington was a proud looking man. He stood about 6 foot tall, had brown hair that was styled like Justin Bieber and piercing brown eyes that held a truth that he didn’t want to be known.

      He was sleeping with his secretary. Isn’t that pretty cliché don’t you agree?, but if that ironic but cliché truth came out, it would carry a powerful blow. He would lose everything. His job, his wife, his children…everything.

      Everyone had a dirty little secret.

      Cameron, my best friend, stood a few yards from me talking to his football buddies. His aura read happiness, as usual but also love? Eh It wasn’t my business.

      His steady gaze fell on a beautiful brunette with light almost grey blue eyes.  She looked to be about 15, maybe a freshman, and wore cute glasses.

      She was small but had a built womanly figure, she wore baggy shirts most of the time, or for what I saw, with tight skinny jeans.

      I’ve talked to her once maybe a couple of times. She’s just like everyone else. Always judging on what they see and don’t understand. Always lifting there nose to glare down at me like I meant nothing to them. I don’t hate but again I don’t like her.

      She had everything I wanted. Family. Friends. Some to love me, to accept me, to want to be with me.

      “Syn..”I heard my name called. Looking away from the freshman and looked in the direction where the voice came from. Lucy-Lou Hale stood in front of me, her tiny frame faced me.

      “Yes?” I spoke softly, watching her carefully. Analyzing her  expression, the ways she stood, her aura.

      She smiled, a smile you’d use to cover fear, to show you weren’t intimidated, “Cam sent me to get you.” Was all she said and then she scattered off. Her fast footsteps betrayed that smile that she had before.

      I faced the direction where Cam stood, he as well smiled at me but this one was genuine, he beckoned me to join his posse, I rolled my eyes and shook my head. His face softened and he beckoned me again with more energy in the way he moved his hand back and forth.

      I spoke with my eyes, the way we speak when the other doesn’t want to be seen making a scene,”What do you want?” Was what my eyes said.

      He then frowned which meant bad news. Great.

      Letting the rush of irritation smooth over my face, I took a deep calming breath, got up from my spot under the tree and sauntered over towards him and his groupies.

      My stance held confidence, my face with no emotion and my eyes cold as ever, said, “yes, Cameron?”

      You couldn’t even hear a pin drop, as I stood there, people not used to me speaking and when I do it wasn’t polite. ”He’s back.” Was the dreaded answer.

      “I thought he was spending a year there..” I spoke softly, biting my lip, playing with my lip piercing out of habit, trying my hardest not to think, not to think of the possibility.

      “Well he isn’t.”

      I took another deep breath in, letting every emotion freeze on my face. Anger. Confusion. Hatred.

      When I looked back at him, my face was so angry that it wasn’t even readable. “Well he be here tomorrow.”


      Nodding I left, I couldn’t handle the stares I received, the amount of hatred I felt and the sympathy on my friends’ face.


      Sand was stuck between my toes, the back of my neck stank with sweat and my bare back now red from the scorching sun. I don’t think I could ever get tired of the beach.

      I had my computer out, Word filled the screen but the page blank. The bitterness of the dark, hot liquid stung the back of my throat.

      “I knew you’d be here,” a deep familiar voice. A voice of an angel, disguised as a Devil.

      Usually you’d say, he was an Devil, disguised a angel, but he was not. I knew him to well for him to be a devil.

      “Ash, what are you doing back?”  But actually inside my head, I whispered ever so softly, why are you back?

      “Just missed this place I guess...” he spoke, his back leaning against mine. His eyes watched the cars pass the beach.


      “I heard rumors, you know?”

      “What kind of rumors?”

      “About you getting out early...”

      He nodded, he rested his head against my shoulder and said, “I did, for good behavior.”

      “Good behavior, aye?”

      He nodded again, but the air around us felt tense, strained, maybe it was because I felt so withdrawn from him or maybe it wasn’t because of me, maybe it was because him.

      “Are you still angry?” I heard him say, forced.

      “I don’t know…”

      “You don’t know if you’re angry?”

      “No, I’m not angry, I’m just,” I paused, that I repeated,” …I don’t know if I can trust you.”

      “You can.”

      “What If I can’t?” I asked him now, I turned my back, so I was facing him instead of the ocean.

      His eyes were down casted, his face full of sorrow, as he said,” I’ll make it up to you, I promise.”

      I ran my hand through my sloppy wet black hair and wondered out loud, “How?”

      “I don’t know yet, but I will.” He said firmly, his teal blue eyes now locking with mine.

      I nodded, worn out from all this talking, I laid back down, sand now stuck in my hair, and spoke,”How long will you be staying in the crappy town of ours?”

    “Till our bond is resewn.”

    I laughed softly,”that might take a long..very long time.”

    He nodded but then smiled,”you can’t withstand my sexiness to long.”

    That made me laugh, the kind that brings tears to your eyes, the kind that brings achs to your stomach.

    Happiness: It might not be accomplished yet, but it’s getting there.

    Happiness: 5% And counting.

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