Brotherly Love

When 23-year-old Tashana Massies finds out her 25-year-old cousin Thomas Barry loves her more than his cousin, she tries to hide the fact that she doesn't feel the same way but what happens when her cousin surprises her with a kiss on her lips?! Read to find out more!


2. Secrets

It's morning and I wake up, get ready, and head downstairs to my family for breakfast. As I walk down to the kitchen table to dip my plate, I see my cousin Thomas giving me a wink and he looks around to see if anyone of our family is looking and kisses my neck. I felt fireworks again up my spine and Thomas whispers in my ear "Tasha, we have to let our family know our secret, it's now or never" I whisper back "Tommy, I agree". My 21-year-old sister Keisha saw us whispering and she says "May I ask what you 2 are whispering, it seems like a secret need be told, hmm....?!" Thomas while eating his last bits of breakfast says "OK, fam, me and Tashana have somethin' to say to ya'll. Tasha?" As Thomas grabs my hand, I say "Ever since last Valentine's Day, I've been receiving secret admirer gifts, I now know who my secret admirer is, it's Thomas, he told me, if you don't believe me ask him, am I correct Tommy?" Thomas holds out his hand with my hand in his and says "Correct Tasha, we are now dating" My families jaw drops open which made me believe they were upset but then they ended up applauding for us which was a bit strange. My mom says "Congratulations to both of you, were very proud of you" My auntie Loretta notices were a bit confused so she says "You look confused. The reason why were very excited is cus' Thomas isn't really your real cousin, he's actually your adopted cousin, so to say you are allowed to date. My bad we didn't tell you earlier we thought you knew". Me and Thomas were both shocked by the news that Thomas is actually my adopted cousin, but the hell with it, we finished our breakfast and hugged each of our family. Me and Thomas kissed each other and spent the whole entire day cuddling and watching TV. Best Day Ever! 



That's Chapter 2. Chapter 3 coming your way shortly. XO's my sweets. 


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