Brotherly Love

When 23-year-old Tashana Massies finds out her 25-year-old cousin Thomas Barry loves her more than his cousin, she tries to hide the fact that she doesn't feel the same way but what happens when her cousin surprises her with a kiss on her lips?! Read to find out more!


3. Holiday Spirit

It's finally Christmas and finally time to open gifts. I wake up early morning and sit next to the Christmas tree where all the gifts are around. My family walks in and kiss my forehead saying "Merry Christmas" while my adopted cousin Thomas now boyfriend kisses my cheek, I kisses back. Everyone sat down and got comfortable and we started opening our gifts. I got the most gifts which was surprising but I was happy and so was my family and Thomas. We all got ready for breakfast and then I sat down on the sofa with Thomas. We watched some TV and then danced a little to some Christmas music. Me and Thomas walked around the neighborhood hand in hand, when we came home it was time for dinner. We ate and after having dessert and watching a bit of TV we all went to bed. Thomas slept in my room in a separate bed as usual that now were not really cousin's were in a relationship. Next day I woke up and it's New Years Eve. We got all dazzled up for our New Years Eve party. I wore a gold glitter dress with gold earrings,bracelet,ring that Thomas bought me and red high heels. We went to the restaurant and had our dinner and danced the night away. It was time for the countdown and we all counted down. Me and Thomas kissed and my family kissed us as well. We all had a wonderful holiday and can't wait to do it next year. Happy Holidays!


Hope you Enjoy Chapter 3. Chapter 4 coming your way next year. Happy Holidays to all of you my sweets. I Love Ya'll! XOXO's 

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