Brotherly Love

When 23-year-old Tashana Massies finds out her 25-year-old cousin Thomas Barry loves her more than his cousin, she tries to hide the fact that she doesn't feel the same way but what happens when her cousin surprises her with a kiss on her lips?! Read to find out more!


1. Family Invite

It's almost Thanksgiving and everytime a holiday like this comes around our family joins in. My name's Tashana Massies, I'm 23-years-old, I live with my mom,dad, my little sister 21-year-old Keisha and my older sister Leeana. Anyway, we were about to finish decorating for thanksgiving when the doorbell rang. I decided to answer the door so I did just that and open the door to find my family. My auntie Loretta hugged me very tight that I almost couldn't breathe. "Hiya Auntie Loretta, I love you but I can't breathe" I said trying to catch a breath. "My bad sweetie, I just missed you tons that's all" Auntie Loretta said breaking our hug. I hugged my Uncle Thomas and my cousin Thomas. We all had dinner and watched some TV. There was no school for us as all of us were in online college so we had our free time to ourselves. I went up to my room to watch some TV while my family were downstairs chatting. "Come In" I said as I heard a knock at my door. My cousin 25-year-old Thomas Barry walks in and sits next to me on my bed. He puts his arm around me like as if I'm his girlfriend, I move his arm out of me and sit far away as possible. "Umm... Bro, whatcha doin', you do realize i'm not your girlfriend, I'm your cousin to me your sister" I said feeling nervous about what he might do next. "I haven't told you this in a while so I might as well say it aloud, I have a crush on you ever since last Valentine's Day" Thomas said his voice nervous. "Well, that explains those secret admirer gifts" Thomas picks my head up and kisses me. I look into his eyes and end up kissing him back. I somehow felt fireworks up my spine and I didn't know how that would happen since I'm making out with my own cousin. We pull back for air and I say "WOW! That was somethin', never knew I would feel fireworks up my spine" Thomas held my hands said "Now that's settled, you are my girlfriend, we can tell our family about this 2Morrow. OK?" I said OK and he gave me a kiss good-night and I kiss back good-night. We all went to sleep in my bedroom in separate beds since everyone had already went to sleep.


That's the end of Chapter 1, Chapter 2 coming your way shortly. Love You my sweets. XO's 

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