The one

Stephany never really believed in love she was so kind and popular and then one day she moved from California to Canada she then met Justin Bieber the player of the school and the most poplar guy in school. Once he saw Stephany he knew there was something about her. Read to Find out more.


3. Party

Stephanys POV:

It was finally Friday thank god. Ugh the teachers are really annoying especially my math teacher she is always writing me up but oh well. My mom went to Miami for business like always so I had nothing to do but to go to Justin's Party. I didn't know what to wear so I called Bella we actually have gotten pretty close.

"Hey Bella" I said

"Hey girlly"

"Wanna go to the mall?"

"Sure, text me your address and ill be there in 10"

"Okayy see you"

And With that I hung up and texted her my address.

I went straight to my walk in closet and got a white pain crop top and black shorts and my carmine Jordan's retro six. Then I heard a knock and knew it was Bella so I quickly went downstairs to open the door.

"Hey" I said and hugged her.

"Wow your house is huge" she said and hugged me back

"Haha I know what can I say my mom works hard"

" Come On lets go" she said and pulled me out.

Once we got in her car we buckled up and ready to go and she started driving.

"So what you wanna get?" she asked.

"Well something for Justin's party I really don't know what to wear"

"Ugh yea me too I heard everyone is going so I need to look good" oh god this girl. The rest of the car ride was pretty quiet and then finally we arrived at the mall.

Bella went to forever 21 right away and I followed her they had cute things.I know I came to buy something for the party but you know I had to get more things. I only brought 3 crop tops and 4 high waisted jeans. The crop tops were pretty basic I got an all baby blue, black and grey one and then I bought ripped high waisted jeans and the rest were light washed or dark washed and then got light washed high waisted shorts that I was going to wear tonight for the party. I don't even know why I get more and more of what I already got I guess I'm just a shopaholic. We then went to topshop and I bought a black crop top it was really cute. Bella got what she needed she got a red tight dress it was cute it was short but not too short I wore shorter things before. We finally arrived at my house and decided to get ready here instead. I got dressed into :

I added red lipstick to give me a pop of color and winged my eyeliner and added mascara. I went outside to wait for Bella and decided to smoke a cigarette,yes I smoke btw It helps me relax when I'm stress and that happens a lot I probably smoke 2 a day I'm not totally addicted but I do like it. After I was done with smoking I through it on the floor and stepped on it and the finally Bella came dang she takes forever!!!!!!!!

"Finally" I shouted.

"Sorry I had to do my make up but you look hot girly"

"Its okay and thank you, you look stunning"

"Thanks and come on lets go its already 9:40"

Wow I really didn't notice it was already 9 almost 10. I decided to drive so we took my car and then we arrived at Justin's house scratch that mansion it was huge!! Bigger then mine. Bella immediately got out and then I came out the car and locked it. There were drunk teenagers all over the place people making out and people just having a good time without drinking. I started walking in and went straight to the kitchen to get a drink. I poured orange juice and vodka then headed out to find Bella or Justin. Me and Bella arrived not even 5 minutes ago and I already asked her I decided to text her and then I bumped into someone.

"Oh I'm so sorry" I said and looked up to see a supper cute guy. Wow he was hot he had black hair spiked up perfectly and green eyes.

"Its cool, Btw I'm Joseph." He said sticking his hand out.

"Stephanie" I said and shaked it.

"Anyways I'm gonna go find my friends see you around" I said

"You know it" he said and winked. He was hot I had to admit. I quickly went to look for Bella but couldn't find her.

"Stephanie" I heard a familiar voice. I Turned around and to face Justin.

"Hey" I said an smiled.

" Hey. You made it" he said and smiled.

"Yea I had nothing to do" I said

"Cool, Uh wanna dance?"


We went to the dance floor and danced. He was looking really good I couldn't help but check him out. He was wearing a white V-neck, black jeans , Gold chains and White supras and his hair was quiff up perfectly and lets not forget that he smells supper good.

"Like what you see" he said making me come back to reality.

"Ew noo" I said.

"Uhuh stop lying"

"Whatever Bieber" I said and rolled my eyes.

He chuckled then started checking me out which made me feel uncomftorble.

"Like what you see Bieber?"

"You already know." He said and winked. Ugh what an ass.

"Your an ass" I said and rolled my eyes for probably the millionth time.

"W.e. Wanna get something to drink"

"Uh sure" I said and followed him to the kitchen. He poured me fruit punch with vodka and then poured some for him self and handed me mine.

"Thanks" I said.

"Your welcome"

We started talking about my life which he seemed to find interesting but I found pretty boring I mean I go out sometimes but I stay home most of the time. We had about 6 shots and he still seemed fine but I started feeling a bit tipsy. Out of nowhere I pushed Justin to the wall behind him and started kissing him I could feel him smirk through out the kiss and of course he kissed back right away. He grabbed my hips and pulled me closer to him if that was even possible. It felt good kissing him he was a really good kisser to be honest. We stopped to catch our breath then started making out and he started walking me to a room upstairs and I followed. Once we got to the room he started kissing my neck which made me moan and then he started kissing me hard and pushed me on the bed. He hovered on top of me and started sucking on my neck and took my shirt off. He then started planting wet kisses from my jawline to my stomach. I took his shirt off then went on top of him and kissed him biting on his lip and unbuckling his pants and then I think you know what happen.


~Next morning~

I woke up to the sun hitting me in the face and to an unknown place when I tried getting up I got pulled back by someone's arms around me and it was Justins... I then let it sync in and realize that I slept with Justin. I quickly rushed to get my clothes from the floor and put it on and while I was putting my hair up in a bun Justin got up.

"Leaving already? I was hoping for a round two" Justin said

"Shut up" I said causing him to smirk and me to smile like an idiot " I don't want you talking about it, it meant nothing"


"W.e I'm leaving" and with that I grabbed my phone and bag nd made my way to the car. I kept thinking about what had happen last night which send me chills and made me smile like a complete idiot.

Once I got home I directly went to my room and fell asleep not bothering to change.


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