The one

Stephany never really believed in love she was so kind and popular and then one day she moved from California to Canada she then met Justin Bieber the player of the school and the most poplar guy in school. Once he saw Stephany he knew there was something about her. Read to Find out more.


2. Okay?

Stephany P.O.V

 It was the Second day of me going to school and I got to say my first day wasnt so bad. I then decided to get up from bed. I hopped in the shower then wrapped a towel around my body as I got out. I then put on my underwear and bra and then put this on:

I then did my make up like this: 

I didnt see my mom so I figured she was working so I the drove off to school. Once I was going to enter the school I saw that Justin kid with some girl making out on the steps I then walked in the school and he then stopped and looked at me and told her to hold on.

"Hey Stephany" he said

"Hey but I think you should be get back to your girl" and with that I made my way to my locked and i then bumped into someone. It was one of the guys Justin was with when he said I was hot yesterday and I also go history with him.

"Oh sorry" I said 

"Its cool plus it was my fault" he said and smiled. I then smiled back and said

"I'm Stephany btw" 

"I'm Chaz" he said "So Stephany Ill see you at history"

"Okay" I said. I gotta admit he is kinda cute. Its my second day of school and I have not made no friends everyone is so different I only know 2 people and thats Justin the player and Chaz his friend. I know Justin is a player no one has to tell me I can see it.

~Skips to lunch~ 

I made a new friend and her name was Bella so I sat next to her at lunch it was okay I guess shes pretty popular she sits with Justin and his friends and I can tell Justin Is popular cuz every girl seems to throw themselves at him. 

"So hows life babe?" Justin asked. Ugh he is such a flirt I thought to myself.

"Its okay and don't call me your babe" I said in a harsh tone. 

"Playing hard to get huh? well I like it" he said and winked. Ughh I cant with him he is annoying. 

"Ugh w.e" I said as I got up to try and sit somewhere else" and then Justin sat me right back down and Whispered " Your not going no where" which gave me goosebumps. 

" Well I gotta pee" I lied.

"Well then ill go with you"

"WHAT?! Uh no I actually don't need to pee anymore" I said. Which made a few people laugh. 

"Anyways Stephany I was wondering If you wanna come to my party later on Friday, You wont regret it" he said.

"Um Yea sure "

And with that the bell ranged and me and Justin both walked to math class which was also my last class of the day. Thank god I was so tired.

"Ms.Mendoza are you paying attention"Mrs.Johnson my math teacher said

"Nahh" I said in a annoyed voice. 

"And why not?" she asked

"Cuz I got better shit to do then listen to you talk about useless crap," I said

"Office now!" She yelled

"W.e" I said and left the class and walked around the halls,

Justins P.O.V 

"W.e" were Stephanys last words and she walked out off class

"Um I gotta pee" I said to the teacher not caring if she was gonna give me permission and then followed Stephany out. 

"So what was that about" I said.

"What you mean" Stephany said

" I never knew you were the one to talk to a teacher like that" I said

"Lots of things you don't know about me Bieber" I said 

"Haha so Stephany can I have your number so I can talk to you?" I asked. She was really hot and had a really nice body like damn she had curves and ughh I just can't explain. 

"Sure" she said then gave me her #.


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