The one

Stephany never really believed in love she was so kind and popular and then one day she moved from California to Canada she then met Justin Bieber the player of the school and the most poplar guy in school. Once he saw Stephany he knew there was something about her. Read to Find out more.


1. First Day

Well lets get to the basics my name is Stephany I am 17 and I was born in Chicago then moved to California when I was 10. I am black and white and a little bit of Chinese so people call me blasian. I live with my mom and my dad died when I was 8 and thats it pretty much I guess

Stephanys POV

"Stephany get up your gonna be late for school!" I heard my mom scream.

Ughh It was my firstday of school in Canada. I was actually pretty excited. So I put music on and hopped in the shower. I then finished and put on  This :

I the put mouse in my curl hair and left it down. I then turned the music off and graved my phone and bad and went down stairs. 

      "Good Morning Mom" I said. 

      " Morning hun. You hungry?" Mom asked

      "Nah i'm good ill just take this apple and drive to school" I said as I got an apple.

      " Be good" Mom said

      " Ill try" I said as I made my way to my black bmw. 

I then arrived to school and parked my car in the student parking lot I then got out and made my way in the school and then I felt a bunch of eyes on me. I was used to it I was popular in my old school. 

"Damn shes hot" I heard a boy say to some of his friends. He was actually really cute he was wearing a white V neck and a leather jacket with black skinny jeans and black supras and  ray bans. 

I then went up to the boy and asked

       " Hey can you help me find the office?" 

      "  Uh yea sure follow me" he said

      " Your new right?"

      " Yea"

     " Cool and i'm Justin" he said and winked "and the that's the office he said as he pointed to the office.

    "Thanks Justin" I said and winked. Dang he was really cute but anyways I went in the office and told the secretary I was new and she gave me my schedule and my locker #. I then walked out the office and I felt a bunch of eyes stare at me all I could here people say was damn shes hot. I didn't even pay attention and then began to look for my locker I then put my things in and made my way to math. Ugh I literally hate every subject. School and I don't go together. I then walked in my last  class and saw that Justin kid again. 

" Well hello you must be Stephany" a lady in her late 30s said

"Thats me" I said

I then made my way behind Justin and then guys started starring at me which I didn't mind.

"Okay everyone work with a partner and solve the problems on the board" The teacher said.

Justin then turned around and asked if I wanted to work with and I agreed.

"So Stephany how you like the school so far?" Justin asked.

"Its okay I guess but everyone keeps starring at me which Is getting annoying" I said annoyed

"Well shawty that's cuz your hot" he said and winked. 

The bell then ringed and I Whispered " I know" and left. 

I went to my locker and got my things then made my way to my car and drove home.



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