The one

Stephany never really believed in love she was so kind and popular and then one day she moved from California to Canada she then met Justin Bieber the player of the school and the most poplar guy in school. Once he saw Stephany he knew there was something about her. Read to Find out more.


4. Characters

Heyy guys I know I should of given you the characters at the begging but I guess I forgot but here they are:


 Justin Bieber As Justin Bieber

 Kiana Lynnae As Stephanie Mendoza

 Johnna Paige As Bella Foster

Chaz Somers As Chaz Somers

Ryan Butler As Ryan Butler

Ashley Tisdale As Sabrina Velez

Aly michalka As Stella Perez

Pia Mia Perez As Jessica Amin

Austin Mahone As Joseph Mccan

That's It for all if there are more I will let you guys know hope you enjoy!! <3

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