screat wonder land

I know of a magical place we're kids can be kids.....


1. Welcome to your dream.....

I know of a place we're dreams can come true. It's a magical place we're all of your worries and fears just fade away. Their are Queens, bunnies, friends and, lots of fun. All you have to do is go down the rabbits hole. Down the rabbits hole then drink from the bottle on the table to shrink . Shrink and shrink until finally you fit. At least that's what my mom had told me when I was a kid. I'm not a little girl any more though. I'm 16 and I haven't gone to that place in a long time. Some times I didn't that the place was real.

Just the thought of spending a day with no worries. I could cry not tears from being sad but tears because I'm happy. Please take me back to the good old days when I got lost in my Owen world. "Hey are you free tonight?" Just ignore them their not worth your time you can do better. Follow me because trust me this life will get better.

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