screat wonder land

I know of a magical place we're kids can be kids.....


5. The road of death

So now you walk until you see a sight of red. "The queen!" You scream. With joy and fear that you will see her but you instead you  find the long lost Alice. So you run to the castle but as you run every where you turn is blood, blood and more blood too. You scream you cry you gasp in fear. Only to the see the red queens tears. She looks into you frightened eyes and  starts to laughs. "O poor Alice. Poor you you've meet the same fate. So Alice is it not what you imagined it to be. Your wonderful wonder land has let you down." Scared by this you turn your head to see the real Alice who hangs by her neack. A smile so wide that it looks like it hurts. And the big fat striped cat lying on against her limp body the same smile as her. Yet when you look in her eyes you see the fear that is screaming. Go on and run away from here.

You stand quit still as you stair at the girl and you see for self how the real story ends

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