screat wonder land

I know of a magical place we're kids can be kids.....


2. The pain

"What is your dream land called?" They all asked me. My dream land has no name no name at all. It's just a place that I like to call home. So down the rabbit hole were  Alice ounce went and slip into a dream that you'll never forget. Follow the rabbit and watch your step. Just remember that time can fly by fast in this magical world but then again who needs time when all you do is dream. The pain of the day it my hurt now but just close your eyes it will all just fade away.

So follow me deep into the forest were the wood land creatures room free. "Hello Alice we missed you." They'll all say as they start to play their silly games like they used to every day with you.  You go over and under around the tree that's we're you'll find me. Is what they used to chant well they would play all day with you. Then past the creatures and towards the flower. The flowers that sang their lovely songs and talked with you. Then to the flowers that you must remember. "Go away weed and stay away. We don't want a weed in our garden." They chant and chant until your gone but don't worry. They don't mean to be rude.

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