screat wonder land

I know of a magical place we're kids can be kids.....


3. Have you gone mad?!!!!

Now keep on walking until you find the two way rode. I'll wave to you and you just follow. I promise you shall not be pleased with what you see. When we reach the spot we see a man who has a cup of tea. Together they sit at a very long table. You can ask the man were the rabbit went but he'll just smile and say, "He'll see you their kid." Confused you may wonder what on earth does  he mean as you sit down to relax for a while. Only when you pick up the tea cup and you go to drink what do your eyes behold. A red liquid sits inside of it and you drops your cup and run miles. As you run and run away from their you can hear the mad batter saying behind, "Come back here Alice. You can stay awhile." With a twisted laugh he waves good bye then disapers into the night.

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