Mind Player

Mind Playing ~ is a fanfiction about a girl called Lyric who is best friends with a lad called Niall, but he seems to be going on and off her one month he's always hanging around with her the next he doesn't even talk to her when she walks past!


3. Wonders and Wishes

                                                                Lyrics Pov



Two weeks of the summer holidays have already past and I've not heard from Niall once! I'm going on my own holidays soon, im going to stay with my Godfather for a while in Perth (Scotland) I can't wait to be honest it will distract my mind from Niall!

''LYRIC, LYRIC, LYRIC'' I heard my brother shout repeatedly from his bedroom.

''WHAT?'' I finally scream back ''Your doing my head in its not even 10.00!!''

''Mum said she wanted me to get you up'' Leo said whilst sticking his head through my bedroom door

''What? Why?'' I asked curiously

''I dunoo!'' he said while shutting my door

I slowly removed my covers, I shivered from the unexpected coldness I got once my whole body had removed it self from my bed. I ruffled my feet into my cosy cream carpet, and tied my hair up in a messy bun.

I made my way down stairs to be surprised with the delicious smell of bacon coming from the sizzling pan, my mother was setting out the breakfast table whilst my brother Leo was playing about with the ketchup. I began helping my Mother ''Morning'' I say as I grab a plate

''Good Morning'' she said smiling, ''Sleep well?''

''Meh, alright I guess'' I replied whilst the thought of Niall began running through my mind

''Ah well, this is why you don't stay up to late on them gadgets of yours''

I smiled and walked over to my dad who was cooking the breakfast, ''Mmm smells nice dad''

''Thank You, I reckoned a fry up would be a nice way to start your holidays'' he said  

''I agree'' I smiled at my dad while he dished out the fry up between all four plates

                                                              (Skipping Breakfast)

I was meeting up with Tiffany and Caitie 2day, we're meeting at Starbucks in about ten mins

''Dad?'' I shouted from the top of the stair case

''Yes sweatheart?'' he asked

''Can you please drive me to Starbuck? I'm meeting Caitie and Tiffany there? ''

''Of course, c'mon then''

''coming'' i say while jogging down the stairs

We hoped in the car, we pulled up outside Starbucks ~ i looked in and noticed Caitie and Tiffany sitting at a table

''There they are'' i said pointing through the glass window

''Ok, pet see you at 5? for your dinner'' my father said whilst giving me a kiss on the cheek

''Bye dad'' i said while i stepped out the car and shut the car door behind me

I walked through the door causing a bell to off, Tiffany looked over at me and waved at me to come sit down.

''Hey guys'' i say while sitting down on a chair

''Hey'' They both say in sync

''Have you's ordered yet?'' i ask

''Nope not yet, we were waiting for you'' Caitie said smiling

We all ordered Cappuccinos, whilst we were waiting Tiffany and I quickly nipped to the bathroom. We came back and seen Caitie collecting our Cappuccinos from the counter ~ ''Mmm they smell amazing'' I said while taking in the delicious smell coming from our cups in Caitie's hand

''Here you go'' Caitie said whilst handing each of us our Cappuccinos

''Thanks'' I said smiling over at Caitie

''There really hot'' Tiff said while blowing in her cup

We sat back in our seats, we began talking about our crushes.... Tiffanys being Liam and then Caities being Calum and Zayn, it was then my turn to share.... Um N.......  ''F**k'' I say as someone trips over my chair and poring something down my back. I grip my teeth and bite my tongue as I try to fight off the fact the what ever it was, it was burning hot and was practically burning me alive


''I..im so so sorry'' I hear a sweet Australian accent say from behind me, I turn around my jaw dropped, he was a spitting image of Niall but with a lip piercing, and was a lot taller.

I just sorta starred at him, I suppose I was just admiring the site. ''Look im really really sorry! I was just going to give my big brother Ashton his Mocha but I like kinda tripped and... I'm really sorry!''

''Its alright'' I said trying to smile over the pain of the burning Mocha on my back

''Uhh do you want a napkin or something?'' he looked so sympathetic ~ which made him look cute

''Oh Nah its ok but thanks, I was just gonna get going anyway'' I said

''Are you sure?'' he asked

''Yea'' I smiled

''Ok if your sure, um im gonna go get my brother..... oh and I'm sorry again!

''Its fine honestly, bye'' I say smiling as he walked away over to the table his brother was presumably sitting at.

''Well that was weird.......'' Tiffany said

''It was'' Caitie and I said agreeing

''But you tots liked him'' Caitie said while elbowing my arm

''No I dont'' I say going a little red in the cheeks

Niall began going through my mind..... Urgh why does life have to be so complicated; then it hit me im probs never going to see....... oh great I don't even now his name.



So you guys what do you think so far?...... Hmm and what do you think might happen next? Hope your enjoying the story so far :)









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