Mind Player

Mind Playing ~ is a fanfiction about a girl called Lyric who is best friends with a lad called Niall, but he seems to be going on and off her one month he's always hanging around with her the next he doesn't even talk to her when she walks past!


2. Summer Begins

                                                                                 Lyric's Pov


Todays the last day of term, I'm sitting in Maths! (I know right what a subject to end with) tapping my pen on the desk and starring at the clock whilst waiting for the bell to ring! I honestly can't wait for the summer holidays they are my favourite! The bell rung causing everyone to jump out there seat and head for the door. I was walking along the corridor with my friends Caitie and Tiffany when I seen Niall, he was with his group of mates Harry, Zayn, Louis, Liam, Calum and Michael - He looked at me blankly then walked on as if he had never seen me before in my life! My heart sunk,I put my head down and walked on. ''Is everything ok? like between you and Niall?'' Tiffany asked

''Oh um yea'' I lied ~ honestly I had no idea, one minute he is having a blast with me next minute I'm blanked out!

I was walking home with Tiffany as Caitie gets the bus, ''I'm so glad school is over for 6weeks'' Caitie said before hoping onto her bus. Tiffany and I agreed and waved goodbye as we continued to walk. Tiffany walks about half way with me then I walk the rest of the way my self. I tend to go the opposite way than Niall but I end up bumping into him and his mates near the end of my walk, to be honest I hate it I don't know why but it makes me feel self conscious!

I opened my door and walked in to my house ''How was your last day?'' my mother asked

''Alright suppose..... Just glad we're off for a bit'' I put on a fake smile and walked up to my room


I sit on my bed with my headphones in whilst scrolling through Instagram - I began thinking...... Why does Niall always blank me out? Why does he never socialize with me in school? Why does he call us best friends if he ignores me half the time?


Most of these questions I just wish I had the answer to...........





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