Mind Player

Mind Playing ~ is a fanfiction about a girl called Lyric who is best friends with a lad called Niall, but he seems to be going on and off her one month he's always hanging around with her the next he doesn't even talk to her when she walks past!


4. New Boy?

So the holidays are now over, I was quite excited to try on my new uniform! Though I wasn't sure if I should straighten or curl my hair?! I quickly got dressed and put on some foundation and mascara ~ and eventually decided on curling my hair. I had all my jotter etc ready in my bag as I did that last night but I had no idea where my Homework diary was!


I scooted past all the rooms to the kitchen: My mum had prepared me toast, though I don't have time to eat it so I pick it up grab a quick bite and rush out the door, before she could say anything about me not finishing my breakfast! I walk to the usual spot where I meet Tiffany every school morning, "Hey, So you excited for the first day back?" She says sarcastically

"Pfft, Totally!" I say with a sarcastic look on my face

"Hmm, I hear there's a new guy starting; accordingly he is Australian" Tiff says

"I hope he's fit" I say giggling

We both approach the school steps; "They joys of being back" I sigh

We're now in the school building, waiting on Caitie to arrive. I spot Niall and his "Gang" walk through the forum door

"Urgh theres the gang".... Me and Tiff both jump, we turn around to see Caitie smiling at us with an unamused look on her face as Niall and his mates walk by.  

''Niall seems to have changed, like since we've started secondary school; don't you think Lyric?"

Both Caitie and Tiff looked at me, I had no idea what say I knew the information Caitie was assuring me with was true: but I guess I just didn't want to admit it

"Uh, suppose" I say sorta awkwardly

Tiff must of understood I didn't want to talk about it; cause she broke the silence "Omg Caitie did you hear that there is a new guy starting, he's accordingly Australian?"

"Really? I heard they're was two of them"

"Even better" Tiff says


                                                                   (Class Starts)


"Urghh Geography first period" I complain, whilst walking towards my classroom

Neither Tiff or Caitie is in my Geography class, they were smart and choose Modern Studies. Whilst I choose Geography so I wouldn't be stuck in the same class as Niall; but yea guess what happened Niall decided to suddenly take an interest in the big blue blob called Earth!

And the worst part was, no one sits beside me; the teacher let us pick our seats. Niall sat at the seat right up the back and suggested for me to sit next to him, I was on my way when Michael sat on the seat instead. So yea.. now I'm a loner.


I walked towards my lonely seat in the middle of the classroom, whilst everyone surrounded themselves with they're mates; not long after we were all seated Mr O'Donnel came into the classroom

"Silence" Mr O'Donnel alerts

"I have a new student joining our class today; He has recently transferred from Australia and has taken a deep interest in my subject so I suggest you treat this new student with respect"

"Ah.... here he is" Mr O'Donnel says happily as this new student enters the classroom   

My face drops....Is that?, it cant be? I say inside my head - well at least so I thought

"Is there a problem there Miss Cartwright?" Mr O'Donnel asks me

"Eh, Um no sir"

"Good, Well everyone this is Luke.....

"Hemmings" The sweet adorable lad says with a cheeky smile

"Well Hemmings, would you like to take a seat next to Lyric?"

"Sure" Luke says whilst walking towards me

O'Donnel does his normal class routine; Whilst I try to work out how or where I know this guy from

"Hey" He says

"Um..Hi" I say, still trying to work out if I had actually ever met this boy in my life

"You look rather familiar, have I met you before?" He says

"I was wondering the same thing" I say

"Hmm, well maybe we have met" he says with a smile

"I don't mean to be rude, but do you actually take an interest in Geography; I mean its rather boring"

"Pfft no" He laughs, "It was the only one I was aloud to join"

"Haha, don't let O'Donnel find out or you wont be very popular" I smirk ;) 

The bell goes to indicate that the lesson was over; It was now House Time - We sit in a class room with a mix of year groups and just basically talk, we r meant to do activities but our teacher doesn't really bother. In all honestly I don't mind House time, I walk along to my class...when Luke comes running behind me

"Hey" he says

"Hello again" I say laughing a bit

"You don't happen to know where H7 House Class is? do you?"

"Well I happen to know its my house class, so you might as well follow me" I say with a smirk

Boo Ya! New boy is in my Geography and House Class!

I open the door signalling to Luke where the class is; "They're is a spare desk in front of mine" I say

"Ah ok; Thanks" Luke says

Mr Ledsom my House Teacher was giving out question sheets; we had to pair up to see which pair could answer the most questions correctly about the school. And since Kayla - The girl who would normally sit next me to is off today I was made to work with Luke (Not that i'm complaining, Though it was still bothering me that I still cant figure out where I've met him in the past)

We managed to answer 8 out of 18 questions right, bad I know. Right when Mr Ledsom was telling us the final answer to the last question it hit me "STARBUCKS BOY" I say aloud........


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