If waking up in an unfamiliar locastions isn't bad enough, finding yourself an early visitor is worse.


1. Unfamiliar

I trace my fingers along the smoothed wood of the unfamiliar bedpost. It feels wrong. The bed I'm sitting in smells wrong. But then, I wouldn't know what 'right' is.

I can't recall ever being in this room. It looks as though a young child sleeps here.


Am I young? I don't think I am, but if I was old, I would know, wouldn't I?


I can't recall how I got to this room.


I can't remember why I came here.


That is, assuming, I came here myself. But then I would remember. Wouldn't I also remember being brought here?


I try to remind myself of something, anything, as I pace the perimeter of the enclosed room. Hidden under a layer of Disney stickers, the door is ajar, yet it would feel wrong to go through it.


Would it be amiss to open just a few draws, to see if any of the contents helps my thought process? For all I know, these things could be mine. This could all be mine. But I doubt it. The desk is too small for someone aged....


Looking in the mirror, I'd say I'm in my late teens. Or I'm just a small, young-looking, adult. Too big for the fragile stool.


Footsteps, two sets of them, are nearing the door. I nearly drop the minuscule, pink hairbrush as a young child squeals; it sounds happy. Its short footfalls are followed by longer, softer ones. The uneven, short footsteps stop. Right by the door.


Pushing the door open, a small girl with messy corn-braids and a pink dress' eyes widen.


"Daddy? There's a big girl in my room, and she's got my hairbrush." She quavers


The heavier footsteps come to a halt. A large shadow leans on the doorframe.


"What? You weren't supposed to come for another two days yet."


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