Complex Loss

A guy named Jared wakes up in a unfamiliar place with no memory of who he is or where he is. He needs to face complicated tasks in order to survive.
The Maze Runner Inspired.


2. Struggle

            Jared was confused; he didn’t know what was going on at all, he was terrified and cold.

            He ran towards the box. He wanted to click the off switch and make all this go away. It was too hard and complicated for him.
            He looked down at the box and picked it up. He held it in his hands and he circled every inch of the box to find the switch but he didn’t find it. He knew it somehow disappeared.
            He quickly went under the table when drops of rain started to pour. He brought his knees to his chest once he was settled in and he started shivering.
            He wanted the rain to stop. But he thought, what if it never stops? What if he never sees daylight again?
            The thunder kept getting louder and the rain was pouring harder by the second. The lightning came flashing down in an instant.
            He stared at the box that was right in front of him. He hated it with all his life. He was so sick of it. Of everything.
            There was a flash of red light that came from the box but he didn’t do anything. He just sat there in despair.
            He wasn’t terrified of anything; he was angry.
            He was tired of looking for an answer out of there when everything that he does just leads him to a dead end. But again he had nothing to do. Nowhere to go.
            He picked up the box; the wet silkiness made him feel like it would slip out of his fingers at any moment.
            He searched for the place where he saw the red flash. It was there. The red flash was dimmer now and it was blinking. It was also beeping.
            Why was it beeping? Jared thought about what it could be and the only thing that came in his mind was that it was a bomb. But was it?
            He knew there was a possibility it could be and frankly it was the only possibility he could think of.
            The beeping now sounded like a countdown to death.
            He crawled out under the table while tightly holding the box. He got himself up and started sprinting.
            He wanted the box as far as possible
            As much as he was miserable in this life he had, he didn’t want it to end. Yet.
            The rain poured all over him and he got soaked as soon as he started running.
            The wind was making him chilly. He thought that if this thunder ever stopped. He would miss these cold showers. Except for the bolts that he would never miss. They kept agitating him.
            He really wished he had a jacket to cover his short sleeves. Well, at least his pants were long and he had army boots on.
            He stopped at some times to catch his breath and he was dehydrated so he tried to drink some of the rain.
            The whole time he was running it felt like he was going nowhere. Everywhere he looked it was the same plain wet grass. The only sense of direction was the table.
            He slowed down when he felt he was far enough as he could be when he was starting to lose sight of the table.
            He stopped and crouched down to his knees. He breathed heavily until he got better. He put the box at the tip of his right kneecap and he started to dig.
            He was digging a hole with his bare hands. It was easier for him to dig with the wet mud. Even though it was dirtier.
            He dug and dug until he finally made a big enough hole to put the box in.
            He carefully picked up the box and placed it in the hole. He put the mud he dug out into the hole.
            He could no longer hear the irritating beeping sound coming from the box.
            When he finished shoving the mud back into place, he stood up and rubbed his hands on his pants to clean the mud off his hands.
            Jared thought that was too easy to be real. But he just needed to take his chances.
            He started running back to the table to take cover if anything would even happen. The more he thought about it the more he started to realize that the table was like his home now, minus food that he desperately needed.
            He slipped when he was running and the pain that jolted through his back was unimaginable. He gave out a sharp scream when he fell.
            Jared just reposed in an uncomfortable manner. But he forced himself to get up and go back to the table.
            He would’ve just kept lying there but he needed to get to safety. So, he ran as quickly as he could back to the table.
            His body ached and he was in misery. But that didn’t stop him.
            He was more than halfway back to the table when he stopped. The thunder was suddenly put an end to and the sky turned blue and shined in an instant.
            Jared circled around while drops of rain were trembling down his body. It was warm again so it wasn’t long before he would start sweating again.
            He knew something was wrong and out of place so he immediately started running back towards the table.
            There was a sound again. It sounded similar to a mountain breaking down. He knew what it was. It was the bomb.
            It ignited


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