Complex Loss

A guy named Jared wakes up in a unfamiliar place with no memory of who he is or where he is. He needs to face complicated tasks in order to survive.
The Maze Runner Inspired.


1. The Box

            Jared’s eyes opened with a gasp filling the air. Breathing heavily as his chest rose up and down unsteadily. A drop of tear trickled down his face shining from his light hazel eyes.
            He unsteadily stood up trying to grasp hold on something but there was nothing. He cleaned his tear away with his sleeve. He looked around but he found nothing except for dry grass in an empty field. Stretching for what seemed liked eternity.

           He didn’t know what was going on, where he was, how he got there or who he even was.

           While he unstably rotated in circles trying to find something, anything that could give him an answer, he saw something. Out of the corner of his eye, in the distance. He saw a table. A brown table. It looked tilted on its side.

          Jared stood there. Trying to think. About what it might be. But nothing. He tried to think about who he was. But nothing. He tried to think about anything at all. But all was gone. The only thing that came in his mind was “The box.”

            “What box?” Jared mumbled to himself. It seemed that was the first time he had ever heard his own voice, his own deep profound voice.
            Jared stood there debating whether to go towards the table or not. But he had nowhere else to go. Where would he even go? He had no other choice than to go towards the table. That was the only place he could find answers.

            So, he did exactly that; he walked towards the table. Still shaky and wary of what’s happening.

            He walked and walked but it seemed like he was going nowhere. The sun wasn’t helping either; all it did was scorch his sweaty body. His lips were dry and his stomach was aching. When was the last time he ate? He couldn’t even remember that.

           The only sign of a living thing around were the fly’s that were doing no good to him but harm.

             He tried to think about himself, about his family, if he had friends or if he was a keen person, how old he was, when his first kiss was, he tried to think about anything a sane person would think to keep himself out of reach from madness. 

                       The sunset then the moon shone out. He was close now but he couldn’t bare it. His legs hurt, and he wanted to rest. Then he saw something. Something that made him want to keep going. He saw something black. A box. A black box.

             He didn’t want to stop anymore.

            He ran, forgetting about the pain. He just ran. He had hope to get answers, to get out of this dreadful place.
              He couldn’t tell how long he had been running.
            He stopped running when he lost his breath. It didn’t matter anyways because he was within its reach now.
            So, while he was slowly breathing in and out. He walked, and each step made him more eager than the last.
            Then he stopped. The table was right in front of him now, bigger than he expected. And the box, that was the same portion as his head, was set exactly in the middle of the table. What good is a table without a chair? He thought, trying to humor himself. And it worked; there was a smirk for a second that made him feel whole again.
            He looked around for anything, anything at all. And he did find something. Jared found a chair. Weirdly, the chair was also tilted on its side. As if the ground was what made the table and chair tilted.
            Jared sat on the chair. He was starving, and exhausted. He was contemplating at the box. He didn’t know what to do. Deep down, he knew if he tried to get answers at that moment, he would be lost in a second. Was he supposed to do something with the box? Was he supposed to stay away from it? He didn’t know. He only wanted answers. But he was too tired to think for any.
            At that time he didn’t care much for it. He was still exhausted and he wanted to sleep.
            The chair was uncomfortable and the grass scratched at his bare arms with every twist and turn. The best place Jared could sleep on was the table, but what about the box? He thought. What was he going to do with the box? He decided to put it on the chair but when he picked it up, it zapped him, leaving a blow in his chest that could be mistaken as a punch and he immediately dropped it. When he picked it up a second time, it didn’t zap him. It just felt silky. Without even thinking about what just happened, Jared went to sleep, however sleep did not come easy to him in the dark of night.
            He woke up the next morning with only three hours of sleep but it had somehow re-energized him for the whole day.
            The weather was cool so he assumed it was dawn. And there were clouds filling up the sky, the sun was peeking through them.
            He laid there, enjoying the cool breeze. All he wanted to do was just lie there and enjoy the breeze. But he didn’t have the time nor energy to do that. He just wanted and needed answers.
            He hopped off the table and he took a deep breath.
            His body hurt and his headache didn’t help him either. So, he walked and stretched up and down, expecting for his body to loosen up and his headache to be gone. His body did loosen up but his headache was still gnawing up his brain. After walking around in circles for no longer than 10 minutes. He knew it was time.
            He went to the chair. And he picked up the box. He tried to look for something, anything at all, and then he actually did, he found a switch. A switch that wrote off on one side and on, on the other. The switch was set on off. He knew he had no other choice but to set it on on. He knew that was supposedly his only way to get an answer. He needed something to happen, he needed hope. He didn’t want to look for a way out. He couldn’t. So, he clicked the switch, put the box back on the table and took an unsteady step back, waiting for something to happen.
            Nothing did.
            Jared stood there. He thought it was a dead end, thought that hope was actually gone from the remained bits and pieces that was left of him until there was a sound, a sound coming from the box that he did not want to hear. A sound that he could not bear to hear. It sounded like a screech on a chalkboard. It was a piercing sound that was getting louder by the second.
            Jared immediately grabbed hold of the box and threw it as far as he could and knocked over the table to protect himself. He got on his knees; huddling up; trying to keep the sound away but it didn’t work. The sound was hurting his ears. It just wouldn’t stop. It went on for a minute or so and he already couldn’t handle it. Then it stopped.
            The piercing cry that he couldn’t deal with, stopped. And everything went silent.
            He warily got up, on his feet again and he slowly walked to the direction of the box, taking every step with caution and at that moment, the sky turned dark and he heard thunder.


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