Good meets bad

I'm Cara Williams good girl a plus student in other words an angel but underneath this im the complete opposite

I'm Liam Payne bad boy gang leader and high school drop out but underneath all this im the complete opposite


1. Liam pov

we walked into the club and sat at the bar I saw a really pretty bartender being held up agains a wall by an obviously drunk guy she looked scared.

Hey you! She looked at me the fear turning to curiosity. What was I doing im a gang leader I shouldent care about this nerdy girl but I couldent stop my self. The drunk guy came up to me dropping the girl

She coughed and rubbed her neck where his hand at been. Who do you think you are. He scowled at me I could smell the beer on his breath.

I pushed him and he fell down unconscious. I walked over to the girl that had been eyeing me carefully the whole time.

Hey love are you okay? What was I doing I wasn't nice. She nodded her head.

Can I buy you a drink love? I-i-i don't drink.she mumbled barely audible now that's somthing you don't see everyday. 

She giggled what's happening I don't make girls giggle. Um my shifts over she said

Here's my number call me. Why? just do I said getting annoyed she nodded. if you don't I'll get mad.she nodded again. You won't like me when I'm mad with that me and my gang left.

In the car I couldent stop smiling from that girl God I hope she calls me.

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