The Dark Side

You know that person that just pops out of no where and is just... everywhere. This was Justin for me and he had a dark side I really wish I hadn't have found out about.


1. Coffee on a Saturday Morining.

Waking up on a Saturday morning with a bunch of men at the kitchen table was the usual for me. I just couldn't understand why they sounded so loud and frustrating.


"I think we oughta get a search warrant on that new Bieber kid," Kenny said in a low voice, "Ever since he came this town has gotten out of hand."


Kenny was a good friend of my dads, who worked on the same force as he did. I stepped out of bed slipping on my robe. I quietly tip toed to the top of the stairs where I sat and quietly listened to what the five police officers were saying.


"I agree, But tell me this. How are we going to get a warrant on the kid. We have no evidence what so ever it could be him." Jessie argued.  Jessie was a tall good looking middle aged man.


"We could always have Emily try to get closer with him" My heart skipped a beat at Kenny's suggestion.


There was silence for a couple of minutes before my dad spoke up, "Now what type of god damn decision is that," I could picture my dad shaking his head like he always did when he was mad, "She could killed dealing with people like that."


"If he is our guy." Jessie quickly corrected my Dad.


They were talking about this gang that had showed up in our small little town only a couple weeks ago.


I got up making my way downstairs, "Morning." I greeted the four officers and my dad with a small wave.


"Whats up Ladybug," Jessie had been calling me lady bug every since I was a toddler.


"Nothing Much," I hesitated before saying anything else, "We got a new kid at school." I walked over to the counter grabbing a bagel out of the wrapper. I noted how silent it became.


Kenny Cleared is throat, "He a good kid?"


I paused before turning on the coffee machine really thinking about this question, "He's sorta on the popular side. But not really," I bit my lip tapping my fingers on the counter, "Ms. Biggins asked me to tutor him. You Know, to help him catch up with us."


Once again an eerie silence came over us.


"Is something wrong?" The answer to my question was obvious.


"Tell me more about him." Kenny demanded.


I spread some nutella on my bagel and quickly grabbed my cup of coffee sitting on the counter, "Ok well his name is Justin. He's good looking-"


"I'm the only guy you need, Remember that Em." Dylan quickly spoke up. Dylan was the youngest on the police force and all the girls swooned over him.


I laughed shaking my head, "I'd never cheat on you Dylan." My tone was unbelievably sarcastic, but that was good because it released the tension in the air. The officers laughed making me smile. I finished my breakfast washing my plate and mug in the sink.


"Mary Will be over in thirty minutes to pick me up Daddy. You need anything from the store?" I watched my dad shake his head before heading up stairs.


I quickly washed up before changing in too some white high wasted shorts and a peach tank top. I slid on a pink hoodie and buttoned up my pants. I brushed my hair putting it into a high pony tail. I went back downstairs surprised to see only my dad in the kitchen, who was now in his uniform.


"Whats going on?" I stepped out of his way as he rushed past me to get to the door.


"Trouble in town babygirl," He shook his head, "Two people found dead in the river. Three missing. The leader of the gang is on the run-" He stopped ranting and looked at me, "Stay inside today okay. Have Mary sleepover, lock the doors i'll be home late."


My stomach churned, "You be careful too."


He looked at me smiling before rushing out the door.  I frowned swearing under my breath. Only minutes later Mary was at the door.  I opened the door quickly explaining the delay of plans.


"Guess it's a sleepover then," She smiled pulling the boy behind her inside, "Jake this is Emily, Emily Jake."


I opened my mouth then closed it. Mary treated boys like her silky underwear. Use them for a day toss them out then put on some new ones.




"We could always play truth or dare," Jake suggested after three rounds of scramble. All of those rounds which he won.


"I'll go first," Mary suggested, "Emmy how many boys have you kissed."


I blushed a deep shade of pink, "Aren't you suppose to ask me truth or dare first."


Mary opened her mouth to reply but the crackling of lighting drowned out her sentence. She screamed jumping in too Jakes lap. Jake made eye contact with me and we both rolled our eyes, "I'm getting a drink." I got off the floor and headed downstairs. I grabbed one of my dads beers out of the refrigerator.  I heard a faint knock at the door and I had to wonder who in the world would go outside in this type of weather. I walked towards the door placing my hand on the knob.


I jumped about a foot in the air when Jake placed his hand on my shoulder, "You Scared Me," I smiled weakly at him before opening the beer taking a sip, "What are you doing down here?"


Jake grabbed the bottle out of my hands and took a long sip, "Mary got worried."


"Or you just got tired of her and needed a drink too," My guess was on point, "Don't break up with her." I kindly suggested. I took the bottle out of his hands staring at the door. I stood on my tippy toes looking through the peephole. I saw the tip of someone's hair. Obviously a boy. The person raised their head and my heart skipped a beat when he looked up and was staring dead at me. Startled I stepped back tripping over Jake's foot.


"Sorry I," I lowered my voice to a whisper, "There's someone out there"


Jake raised his eyebrow, "Want me to get it." I almost took his offer but my gut feeling told me otherwise, "I got it," I waved him off, "I'll be there in a minute."

He shrugged his shoulders before walking off. I held my breath before unlocking the door and snatching it open, "OhMiGod."


The boy in front of me was covered in dirt and blood, "I need to use the phone." He voice was deep and he kept his head down.


"Justin?" I could recognize his voice anywhere.


He looked up surprised that I knew him, "Emily," His voice was grave, "Damn." He muttered the last bit but I heard him loud and clear.


"Something Wrong?" I shifted my weight over to my right side crossing my arms. He sighed wiping his face. He smeared blood all over his face doing the act.


"Let me help you." I grabbed, almost snatched, his hand in to mine and lead him in to the bathroom. I cut on the light and noticed that blood leaked through his shirt.


"What happened to you?" I asked looking at him up and down.


"I had business to attend to," He muttered darkly. I eyed him before telling him to take his shirt off. He turned arund to where his back was facing me and slowly took his shirt off. I looked down not wanting to be creepy and my heart stopped when I saw a gun in his back pocket, "Don't tell me your,"


He turned around to look at me confused.


"Your," I ran my hands through my hair, "Your the leader of that damn gang aren't you!" He covered my mouth with his hand. What the hell have I gotten myself in too.



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