The Dark Side

You know that person that just pops out of no where and is just... everywhere. This was Justin for me and he had a dark side I really wish I hadn't have found out about.


2. Accidental Showers

"Why'd you come here," I steadied my breathing, "Why'd you let me bring you in my house," My voice rose two octaves, "My dads a cop you idiot," I bit my lip, "You have to go, There's other people here."


"Your not going to tell anybody." It annoyed me of how sure of himself he sounded.


"Don't be so sure of yourself." I stated glaring at him. I stepped back as he came closer to me.


"I know your not going to tell because if you were going to you would have already did it," He smirked making me flinch.


 "Why did you choose my house to come to Justin?" I felt like crying because I knew just by knowing that he was the leader of that group that I was already inch deep in a bunch of mess. 


"I didn't know it was your house." He answered honestly.


"Oh Okay," I laughed sarcastically, "And you think someone was going to let you in their house looking like that." I pointed to him and he clenched his jaw.


He slammed his hand on the counter making me jump, "I panicked, okay!"


He sat on the counter running his hands through his hair refusing to look at me.


I sat beside him, "I'll help you."


He looked at me surprised, "You realize what your getting yourself in too right?"


"Nobody has to know." I whispered. I reached up grazing my thumb over his cut. The cut was through his eyebrow and stopped at his edge line, "What happened?"


He brushed my hand off, "Everything went all wrong Emily," His eyes got watery, "It wasn't suppose to happen like that."


"What wasn't suppose to happen?" The curiosity was killing me.


He shook his head obviously too scared to tell me what happened.  I sighed, "I'll be back, Hop in the shower, then I'll clean you up."


I walked out of the bathroom heading back upstairs to my room. I cringed when I saw Jake and Mary eating each others faces, "Get your own room you guys!"


I shuddered and Mary rolled her eyes, "We got bored, You were down their for like a long time."


"I need to wash my eyes out. I'm taking a shower." I started to walk out the door but Mary stopped me, " Aren't you going to get a change of clothes?"


I laughed nervously scratching the back of my neck, "Oh Yeah, Silly Me." I walked over to my dresser grabbing some underclothes and some short shorts. I grabbed a black tank top and quickly walked back downstairs. I knocked on the bathroom door twice before walking in.


Justin was already in the shower so I just sat on the counter waiting for him to get out. About seven minutes in Mary was knocking on the door, "Hey Emily I think Jake's getting tired of me, Can I Come In."


I held my breath weighing my options, "Just a second!" I yelled jumping off the counter. I threw Justin's clothes and shoes in the laundry. Panicking I closed my eyes and got in the shower, "Come In!"


"So yeah we were kissing and it felt like he wasn't really in to it you know?" Mary went on and on. Justin looked at me confused and I gave him an 'What else was I suppose to do' look. He rolled his eyes angrily and I gave him a 'Don't give me that look be mad at Mary' Look.


"So like maybe we should go all the way. Do you think that would help?" Mary Continued.


I nearly choked on my words, "Not in my bed, Definitely not in my dad's house!" Justin winced at my yelling and I gave him the 'What am I suppose to say you're a guy look'.


He rolled his eyes before leaning in to whisper something in my ear, "Tell her not to be clingy guys hate that. Tell her to get to know him, guys like that. They find it more attractive and somewhat.. cute."


I smiled at Justin before repeating his exact words to Mary.


"Oh My God! That's great advice, Your like the Boy Whisperer or something." I hear Mary slam the bathroom door and I let out a big breath I didn't even know I was holding.


"I should probably," I pointed to the shower curtain and we both laughed nervously and I stepped out the shower. Justin cut off the shower and walked out with a towel wrapped around his waist.


"Close your eyes I have to change." I watched him close his eyes and grin childishly. I rolled my eyes before changing quickly. I got Justin's clothes out of the laundry and threw my clothes in. I handed him his shoes and I walked across the hall and threw his clothes in the washer.


I walked back over to him and examined the cut on his stomach, "I'll have to stitch it."


"You ever did that before?" Justin questioned.


I rolled my eyes, "How hard can it be?" I grabbed the first aid kit from under the counter, "You'll have to lay down.." The bathroom wasn't all that big, "I have an idea stay here."


I quickly ran upstairs and in too my bedroom, "Hey um Mary, I think you and Jake should um sleep in the guest room tonight, I'm not actually feeling very well."


Mary gave me a worried look, "You sure you want to be alone?"


I gave Mary the 'I need to talk to you alone look and if you tell anyone you're head will be detached from your body' look. She understood and told Jake where the guest room was and that she would be there in just a minute.


"What's Up, Is something wrong?" Mary took a step closer to me.


I took a deep breath, "Look there's a guy-""


"That's all I need to know." Mary dismissed herself from my room and I stared after her in disbelief. I went back downstairs and quickly got Justin. I told him to lay in my bed and he looked at me uncomfortably.


"What, Is something wrong?" I looked at him confused.


"I just realized how dangerous this is, I mean you could go to jail." Justin looked at me.


I ignored his statement and set the first aid kit on the beside table, before pushing him down on the bed. I grabbed a pain killer from a bottle under my bed and quickly gave him three. I grabbed the stuff I needed from the first aid kit and blushed when I realized I had to get in an awkward position to stitch his cut exactly right.


I smiled shyly/nervously before wrapping my legs around his waist. I leaned forward and slowly and carefully begin working on his cut. I Finished quicker than i thought I would and I leaned back to admire my work, "Does that feel any better?"


I looked at Justin and noticed a look of admiration on his face. I blushed before getting off of him and rubbing neosporin on his cut on his stomach. I placed a bandage there and returned the first aid kit to the downstairs bathroom and washed my hands. I went back to my room to a sleeping justin. Rolling my eyes I cut the light off and looked at the couch weighing my options. I bit my lip before locking my door and climbing in too bed with Justin.










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