Zoey & Amelia was two normal teenagers, in fact they were best friends for many years, but that changed.
They are sent to a place far far away, what will happen?

Read to find out more!!
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All rights reserved


4. Prinsipal´s office


Zoeys POV


I was lead by Mr. Inglot to the principals office and was sown to a chair beside Amelia.

-Girls, I have found a great idea, principal Anderson said, it made me roll my eyes. Did he think he was smart or something that had an idea? Hah.

-all you guys did today will be forgotten, he continued. My ears was now listening closely.

-so I will not be expelled? Amelia said and smiled.

-no, you can continue to attend school, he said.

-what is the idea? It dropped out of me.


Amelia´s POV


-you two are going to clean the whole school once a month for a year, and this week you are going to spend a lot of time at Amelias house with her grandmom I have already talked with her and you two are going to handpaint 1 card to each parent that have a kid In our school, my dad also known as the principal Anderson said.


I didn’t live with him, my mom and he got divorced when I was little. Our relationship has never been great, there was a time I hated him I don’t know what I fell about him now tho, but yeah. I also think that the only reason we let go so easily was because of the fact that he was my dad, so thats a benefit I get for it.


-SERIOUSLY! I yelled at him.

-YEAH, Im NOT doing anything with HER, Zoey said and stood up, I did the same.

-its either that or your actions will have other consicvenses, he looked at us in a way that glowed anger.


I took a deep breath and looked towards Zoey, she looked back at me and we understood eatchoter.

-Well do it, we said at once. It almost feelt like old days and she almost smiled at me.



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