Zoey & Amelia was two normal teenagers, in fact they were best friends for many years, but that changed.
They are sent to a place far far away, what will happen?

Read to find out more!!
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3. Pills

Zoey´s POV


-Girls, what happened here? Mr Inglot asked with a strict voice.

-She went all wild on me and hit me sevral times! I said as tears ran down my cheeks. She didn’t hit me hard at all, but I did everything to get her in trouble.

-Amelia principals office now, he sat his angry eyes at her before he turned to me and he lightened up.

-Is everything okay?

I saw down and wiped some of my tears away for an answer.

-okay then, ill help you to the school nurse, he said with a smile.

As we walked towards the school nurses office we went past the waiting space in the teachers lounge. There Amelia sat with her eyes closed and you could see her heavy breathing. I laugh inside as we went by. Her eyes met mine and I smiled an evil smile back at her.


Mr.Inglot knocked on the school nurses door.

-we´ll soon be finished, she said through the door. 5 minutes later a boy walked out of there and as I passed him we bumped into eatshother not on purpose this time, but he made me fell over. I had brought my bag cause I thought I maybe could go home afterwards. When I fell I lost my bag and all that was inside it felt all over the floor.

-what is this? The nurse asked as she held up a bag of pills, I had totally forgotten about them, fuck.

-advil, my moth spitted out the words before I could even think.

-advil, sure, she said rolling her eyes, if its advill I can eat one then.

She slowly took one of the pills towards her mouth, it touched her tung.

-Don´t! I looked towards the floor.

-i thought so, what shall we do about this? Her eyes was planted on me, but she was talking to Mr.Inglot.

He was speechless.

-ehh umm, Im going to go talk with the principal i´ll be right back.


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I know that thees first chapters are kind of boring, but that will change, i promise! 




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