Zoey & Amelia was two normal teenagers, in fact they were best friends for many years, but that changed.
They are sent to a place far far away, what will happen?

Read to find out more!!
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1. Just a dream?


This is my first movella, so tell me what you think!

Hope you enjoy reading it!


Amelia's POV:
I was running as fast as I could through the forest. It was raining and the wind was blowing in all directions. I was holding on to my painful shoulder, the one that the blood was dripping from, the one that had been bitten.

Every step I took was like a thousand, but I couldn't stop, because then they would have found me and that was the last thing I wanted. I knew that they were going to kill me and the thaught of it was just so disturbing.

I couldn't really think clear so I did the one thing that my mind told me. Sit down and be quiet. 
I sat down under the neares tree. I could hear them, a couple of seconds later I could se them. They went towards a big white oak tree. They were all riding on horses.

-she has been here! I heard a familiar voice say. The person that had spoken had a black gown on, so I couldn't really see the face. -she is close, another one said. -keep looking, we have to find her, the one that spoke first said. Then the person turned its face, it was Zoey! 

I gasped and my heart started pumping fast as I tried to get away from the tree I was under. A twig snapped under my foot and I stood still. I could see all of them turn their heads against me, what were I going to do?!

Zoey, that I supposed was the leader,(and my best friend) started to come towards me. I tried to run but it didn't work, I couldn't move at all, tears was streaming down my cheeks as she came closer and closer.

Suddenly someone grabbed me from behind and dragged me, where I didn't see, but I didn't care, I was safe.

I jumed out of bed when my alarm clock rang. Was it just a dream? But it was real. 


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