Zoey & Amelia was two normal teenagers, in fact they were best friends for many years, but that changed.
They are sent to a place far far away, what will happen?

Read to find out more!!
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2. In Trouble


Hi guys! srry for not updating for sooooo long! but I hope you like it! please give me feedback and ideas!

Anyways Enjoy


Amelia`s POV:


I were so shocked that my dream wasn’t real. My heart beeted like a drum and I could almost not breath nor could I see straight. What was going on? I saw towards my shoulder, I had a bruce there, what? A bruce! If my mom saw that she would thing I got bullied again. Well, I never stooped getting bullied, she just think that I did.

-Amy? I herd my mom yelled from downstairs. Amy was my nickname.

-coming, I yelled back. I shacked the shock of me and took a few deep breaths.


I went to my bathroom and from there my closet, I picked out a cute summer dress with brown leather boots and a demi jacket, my hair was up in a messy bun and I had bb cream on and I had done my eyebrows. In the blink of an eye I sat in my moms car and we were off to school, the one place I hated most in the whole world.


We arrived school and my two best friends (the only friends I had) was waiting for me. I hugged them.

-hi guys! I said, as exited as always. They said hi back. We just stood there like we always did and talked and just waited for the clock to ring. So it did. I had a different class than the two of them, so I went one direction and they went another. In the hallway I met Zoey. My ex bff. She walked with her friends and gave me a death stare. Her shoulder bumped into mine.

-watch where you are going tard, she said and her friends laughed. I rolled my eyes and ignored them, as I always do.

I found my seat, my favourite teacher came into the room, mr Inglot. We stood up and greeted him.

-good day everyone, today you are going to work independent while im going to take one bye one of you out for a talk.

Does this mean I have to be here alone? With the whole class where no one likes me? Wtf? That is the stupidest thing I have heard all week.

He went out of the classroom, I was the first one to go with him.

-how are you doing Amelia? He asked with his old eyes. The reason I liked him was not cause he had good looks or amazing hair, I just liked him. He was the only one who were there for me when things were all bad and I did not see any lights.

-amy? He asked.

-oh, well yeah, everything is doing great, I said I didn’t know if it was true but what else should I say? Mr. inglot just continued talking.

Something happened. I saw a boy standing behind him, he smiled and he looked familiar. I stood up and walked towards him, then he was gone. What is going on.

I blinked and was back on the chair right by Mr. Inglot.

-can I go back in? I asked quick. He notted.


On my seat zoey now sat.

-can I get my seat back please? I asked.

-of course, she said with a smile.

I walked by her and she stack her foot out. I fell right down.

-What the fuck was that all about? My eyes got filled with anger.

-it wasn’t on purpose, she gave me a snake like smile that almost gave me shivers down my spine.

Everyone laughed while I laid there.

-whats so funny with me tripping? I asked In frustration.

-we like to see ugly ass people like yourself make a fool out of themself, Zoey said.

-did you break your nose? Angela asked me, one of zoeys bffs.

-well, I think that she is just ugly cause it was that was that way before, Angela, Dan said, another one of hers bffs said, well everyone was kind off bffs with zoey.

-she has always been ugly guys, and fat, don’t you see all that fat, its not just a muffin top that is what a whale looks like, Zoey said and laughed.


It was enough , I stood up and stared at Zoey.

-what are you going to do? Hit me? She asked ironical. That was exactly what I did. It felt so good and I felt so free afterwards. In the second I had hit her Mr. Inglot had walked into the room.

Zoey pretended to cry as he walked towards us.

What were I going to do? I never got in trouble. NEVER.


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