A Little Party Never Killed Nobody

Victoria, 18, has just graduated high school and her father let her have a graduation party at their Santa Monica beach house. The party gets a little wild for her taste, so she walks out of the back gate to go on a walk on the beach. She had just made a fatal mistake. Smuggled by human traffickers to Doncaster, how will she escape? Will she ever see her family or friends again? Who will come to her rescue?

**Zayn is introduced in chapter four**
**The rest of the boys are introduced in chapter five**

**WARNING: Strong language and some adult themes may appear.


3. Chapter Two

I open my eyes to a sight I never wanted to see. I'm in one of those makeshift jail cells. You know, the ones made of chicken wire. They put me in some super slutty clothes: a hot pink tube top with the back cut out, super short acid wash denim shorts, and black strappy 6" heels. Not to mention that it was almost pitch black in here except for the single fluorescent light. I was always afraid of the dark when I was a kid. I thought that some kind of monster would come from the dark and take me away. It's going to happen soon, but with a different kind of monster. And that's what I am terrified of the most. The fact that eventually, someone will come and take me from this cell. Somewhere where these disgusting people will auction me off like a Chanel handbag on eBay. God, my life really sucks right now.

Nobody has come for me yet. I haven't had any interaction with a human in probably 12 hours. Since the airport, I haven't seen those two girls either. I wonder what happened to them. However, I can't think about them. Right now, I just need to focus on getting myself the hell out of here. I start looking around, trying to find something, anything that will help me escape. I spot a gleaming metal object in the corner of my cell, underneath a stack of boxes. I yank the piece of metal out from under the boxes, and a wave of relief washes over me. It's a pair of needle-nose pliers, the kind with the built in wire cutter. I am going to have to work quickly, otherwise I run the risk of being caught. However, I'm not to worried about that since nobody here has even fed me in 12 hours. I run up to the makeshift chicken wire door and just go for it. One by one, each little wire is cut. I clip the final wire, and: clink. A hole just big enough to squeeze through is opened, and I fit through it as fast as I can.

I start sprinting down the hallway, and I have absolutely no clue where I'm going. After about five minutes, I stop to take a break. And then I see my ticket out of this hell-hole through my peripheral vision. A service elevator. I sneak up to it, practically punching the button. I swear this elevator is taking forever! I can't wait to get out of here, I'm physically shaking from excitement. Or fear. Either one kind of works in this situation. Finally, the door slides open. This is the part where I'm going to have to be sneaky. I don't know what lies on the ground level. There could be guards, other girls, or god knows what else. I hit the ground level button, the doors close, and off I go.

When the doors open, I am surprised at what I see. Little cubby holes, with names written on little baskets. Strange. I spot the basket with my name on it, and immediately open it. What I find inside is weird, however it's comforting. Sitting before me is everything I had with me on that walk. My custom gold-plated iPhone, and my Jimmy Choo clutch. However, I went to see if my credit cards and I.D. were there. In fact, someone had taken everything out of my purse. ​Damn it. I needed to figure out where the hell I was. 

The last place I remember being was in the Tokyo. But when I look down at my phone's locator, it tells me that I'm in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, UK. How the hell did they get me to the UK? ​I remember that my pen pal from school, Jeanine, lived in London. Just as I was about to see how I could get to London from my current location, my damn phone died. Just my luck. Then I hear a shout from behind me: "Hey bitch! What do you think you are doing?" Shit. I spin around and see a tall, burly guy, about 6'5". This can't end well. 


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