A Little Party Never Killed Nobody

Victoria, 18, has just graduated high school and her father let her have a graduation party at their Santa Monica beach house. The party gets a little wild for her taste, so she walks out of the back gate to go on a walk on the beach. She had just made a fatal mistake. Smuggled by human traffickers to Doncaster, how will she escape? Will she ever see her family or friends again? Who will come to her rescue?

**Zayn is introduced in chapter four**
**The rest of the boys are introduced in chapter five**

**WARNING: Strong language and some adult themes may appear.


4. Chapter Three

I stand there, frozen in fear. I wait for a few seconds. Then I make a decision that would forever change my life. I run. There is a huge door, and I slam it open. I find myself in a back alley, and it is dark outside. Like, pitch black. I shut the door in the scary man's face, and run down the alley. Keep in mind I'm in 6" heels here, so running isn't particularly easy especially in a wet and grimy alleyway. However, my dad prepared me. Ever since my first middle school dance, my dad taught me how to run in heels, just in case anything happened. This turned out to be actually useful, to my surprise. I reach an intersection, and spot what looks to be a train station. I run towards it as fast as possible. I reach the stairway, and look behind me. The man doesn't know where I went. He can't see me through the fog, but I can sure as hell can see him. 

I descend the staircase rapidly, entering the dirty train station. I took the subway everywhere in L.A., despite my dad's offer to buy me a Range Rover. For some reason, I just really liked trains. Shit. There isn't a single person down here. Not even a ticket salesperson. That's a little erie, I thought to myself. I walk over to a timetable, my heels clacking on the white subway tile. East Coast Train from Doncaster to London King's Cross, Departing at 5:36 AM (in 71 minutes) Duration: 1 HR and 55 MINS. Damn. I still have an hour and ten minutes until the train gets here. I walk over to the platform, and sit down on a bench. Jesus, how did I get here? I remember telling my friend Chelsea goodbye at the party, and getting tackled by a masked man. I remember being wheeled around in the Tokyo airport, and I remember waking up in a cargo area with two other girls nearby. Then I remember waking up in my cell, grabbing my things, and escaping from the terrifying man. I saw another person had appeared further down the platform. 

"Excuse me, sir?" I ask as I walk towards the man.

"Yes miss, how can I help you?"

"I lost my purse, and I need to get to London as soon as possible. Could you spare a few dollars so I can get back?"

I lied. I didn't feel like explaining the whole story to him right now. At this point, I needed to go see Jeanine. 

"Um, sure. Here you are. May I ask, what's your name?" 

"It's Victoria. Victoria Hatfield. What's yours?"

"Oliver Brantford, it's a pleasure to meet you Victoria."

"Likewise." I flashed a little flirtatious smile. Oliver is pretty cute, actually.

Oh god, I forgot I look like a total slut. 

We stood there, side-by-side, in awkward silence for about five minutes. 

"So, Victoria, are you from the US? I noticed you don't have an accent." 

"Yes, in fact. Los Angeles to be specific."

"Oh, I love L.A.!" Oliver exclaimed. "What brings you to little Doncaster?"

And with that, the train swept into the platform.

I didn't feel like continuing that conversation. All I wanted to do was get on the train, and sleep until London. But now that I'm on the train  England has been on my list of dream vacations, so once the sun started to rise, my eyes were glued to the window. Wow, England is gorgeous. I can see cars pulling out of driveways, and lights just starting to flicker on in the houses we pass by. Watching England come to life was truly spectacular. But then I realize the circumstances of why I'm here. I was smuggled. To Doncaster, through Tokyo. By big scary men with large guns. And they clearly had smuggled other people. What if they catch up to me? What have I gotten myself into? God, I hope I get to Jeanine's house when she's home. She told me about volunteering at a hospital this summer, but I don't know when she started. Hell, I don't even know what day it is today. When I was taken, it was Sunday, May 31st, at pretty early in the morning, about 12:30 ish. I knew it was 6:09 now, but what was the date? I saw Oliver about two seats in front of me, so I got up to ask him.

"Hey, sorry to bother you Oliver, but do you have the date?" 

"Th-the date?" he stuttered, clearly surprised at my question. "Um yeah, sure. it's Wednesday, June 3rd."

"Thanks, Oliver." I mutter, walking back to my seat. 

"Say, Victoria, do you care to sit with me up here?"

"Sure," I reply, "That'd be great!"

I take a seat next to Oliver. He's pretty nice, for just having met me an hour ago. Then, all of the sudden, I fall asleep.



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