A Little Party Never Killed Nobody

Victoria, 18, has just graduated high school and her father let her have a graduation party at their Santa Monica beach house. The party gets a little wild for her taste, so she walks out of the back gate to go on a walk on the beach. She had just made a fatal mistake. Smuggled by human traffickers to Doncaster, how will she escape? Will she ever see her family or friends again? Who will come to her rescue?

**Zayn is introduced in chapter four**
**The rest of the boys are introduced in chapter five**

**WARNING: Strong language and some adult themes may appear.


5. Chapter Four

I wake up to the train's loudspeaker.

Attention, ladies and gentlemen. We will be arriving at our next stop, King's Cross, in approximately ten minutes. Please be prepared to de-board quickly. Thank you.

Thank god I woke up now, if I had missed my stop I swear I would break down and cry. I look out the window and I see all of the skyscrapers, just how I imagined them as a kid. The train rumbled to a stop, I grab my purse, and I get off. The minute I step onto the platform, I hear a man's deep voice behind me. 

"Where are you going, sweetheart?"

Shit. Turning around, I see the man who chased me through Doncaster. I back up slowly, taking in what was happening. A 6'-something man who smuggled me across the world followed me to London. What the hell do they want? Can't they just let me go?! I duck underneath him and start running. I go up a flight of stairs, running out of the station. Where was Jeanine's house? I instantly remember her address from the letters she sent me. 

539 Barnsbury Road, London

Near London King's Cross Station

I tried to put the address in my phone, but I realized it's dead. I just run, not knowing what direction I'm going in, but hoping that I'll reach Barnsbury Road. As I run, people stare. I honestly don't give a shit, they have no clue that I am running for my life. I pass one intersection, then another. Five blocks later, I spot a street sign. I can barely make out what it says, but I know in my heart. I found Barnsbury Road.

I turn down the quiet street, passing a church, convenience store, and park. I see the numbers on the homes climbing. 527, 529, 531, 535, 537, and...539. Here I am. I hope Jeanine is home. I need someone right now. I bang on the bright blue door, praying that she is here. The door swings open, and a girl appears in front of me. Her bright blue eyes and chocolate brown hair were an unmistakeable combination. Jeanine.

"V-Victoria? What a surprise! Come in!"

I sprint through the doorway, terrified that the smuggler was still following me. She shut the door, and turned around.

"What are you doing here in London? I didn't expect to see you here!"

I just break down, crumpling on her hardwood floors. I start sobbing uncontrollably, and Jeanine is right beside me. She asks what's wrong, and we go sit on the couch. As I'm telling her what happened, she holds my hand. By the time we get to the present moment, she's sobbing right along with me. 

"I'm so sorry this happened to you, V. C'mon, lets go shopping! We can get outfits for tonight, since I'm obviously taking you to a club tonight. Let's forget all about this mess tonight, and worry about it tomorrow."

"Alright J, but I don't have any money. They stole all my cards." I say, looking down at my clutch.

"Don't you worry sweetheart, I'll take care of everything."

Damn. I really appreciate what she's doing for me.

"Let's go then! My Range Rover is parked just out front. This is gonna be so much fun!"

And just like that, we set off.



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