Lily malone had a enemy at school who was called taylor Mcdonald but she secretly liked him and taylor secretly like her but when they have to to a project togther will it end in love or heartbreak... Read to find out


1. 1

Chapter one

Taylor's pov

I walked into science my least favourite lesson and i had to sit next to my worst enemy lily i hated lily so much she makes my blood boil, so i take a seat next to her and the teacher said okay class today u will be doing a assignment... I looked over to sam and sam looked back at me making the face we are defo working together. Then the teacher looked at me and said mr Macdonald whatdid i jt said i replied saying u said were doing a assignment miss tutted her head and said pay attention and ur not working with sam because i saw u blowing kisses to him miss started making kissy noises every1 laughed even lily which made my blood boil miss said sorry she was kidding, but i am still pissed out miss started talking and said its about the 5 animal kingdoms and your working in your table partners for 6 weeks i froze and wanted to cry, i had to work with lily over spring break for 6 whole long weeks... Gulp help me.

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