I Want To Forget

"I never thought anyone could make me feel this way. I fell for you immediately. But, one day... everything came crashing down. You were gone. You were out of my grasp. I lost you....Forever."

***Chloe meets Joey at her new high school and they both fall for each other immediately. But once something terrible happens to Chloe, he does everything to bring her back...But will his worth cause good....or more harm? Will he be able to take the pain...or will the pain cause her to lose him, instead?****

---Read "I Want To Forget" to find out (: Comment, Like or Favorite for updates. I appreciate feedback so I can improve my story(: So it would be greatly appreciated! xxx- Kay


17. Stupid *Warning*

My vision was blurry, my tongue was thick in my mouth and my head was killing me. I could still hear the pounding of the music flowing into my ears as I heard the chanting of "GO! GO! GO!" as the beer contest was underway. I chugged and chugged and chugged as much as I could before finishing. "We have a winner!" I heard a voice say...Kevin's. I felt a hand wrap around my wrist and my arm being raised in the air as the drunken crowd howled and yelled. I didn't even know what I was doing. I went along with everyone, I went along with what they were doing. I wanted to have fun and to feel the freedom of being a "rebel".

I could feel the sloshing around of the beer in my stomach. I felt arms around me, pick me up and I was soon being carried away from the large crowd. I slipped in and out of consciousness as my eyes were barely open. I soon felt myself being laid down on something soft... a bed. Something heavy was soon on top of me, a person. Lips were moving down my neck to my collarbone and hands were trying to undo my pants. The entire room was dark and the moonlight shined down from the window and into the room, barely making it visible for me to see.

I couldn't find my voice and my mind was filling with warning signs. I tried pushing this person off of me but my hands were pinned to my sides. "Relax and stop moving." A voice said...Not just any voice...Kevin's.

"Stop." I said, drunkenly. I heard myself and I knew how stupid I sounded. I didn't sound serious at all and I knew it wouldn't work. I focused on my words more this time and I gathered every conscious feeling in my mind to say it again. "I said, stop!" I lifted my hands again and I began pushing on his chest. I heard him grunt as I struggled to move my entire body. "NO. You need to stop fucking moving." He demanded. I was ready to scream but my mouth was covered by his hand.

Before I knew it, my pants and underwear were off my body. I could hear his belt buckle being played with and his zipper being pulled down. My eyes widened as I knew what was happening. I was being raped. Tears began sliding down my cheeks as I kept trying to move under his strong grip.

I tried calling out for Joey under the muffled grip of his hand over my mouth. I needed Joey. I wanted him to barge in here and save me...But he didn't. Nobody did...

"I said to stop moving and you NEED TO SHUT THE FUCK UP!" Kevin yelled. He used his entire strength to keep me from moving. I was powerless.

A sharp pain traveled throughout my body from in-between my legs as I felt him enter me. He began moving in and out of me as the pain became worse and worse. This was real pain. Not the pain I felt when I lost my virginity to Joey... that was 'love pain', but this pain, oh this pain was evil.

A sudden burst of energy sprouted throughout my body as I began desperately trying to leave from his grip. I felt a hot and displeasuring pain against my head. I was hit with something hard. Everything began to fade...The music from downstairs began to blur from my hearing and the moonlight seemed to minimize.

I was falling into a pit of darkness and silence.

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