I Want To Forget

"I never thought anyone could make me feel this way. I fell for you immediately. But, one day... everything came crashing down. You were gone. You were out of my grasp. I lost you....Forever."

***Chloe meets Joey at her new high school and they both fall for each other immediately. But once something terrible happens to Chloe, he does everything to bring her back...But will his worth cause good....or more harm? Will he be able to take the pain...or will the pain cause her to lose him, instead?****

---Read "I Want To Forget" to find out (: Comment, Like or Favorite for updates. I appreciate feedback so I can improve my story(: So it would be greatly appreciated! xxx- Kay


26. Awake

"...No. She needs her rest."

"She can get her rest after we question her."

"No! This young woman has gone through enough and constant questioning will cause stress and my staff do not need this kind of pressure."

The voices continued to argue as all I could see was blackness. Well hell... I was already awake...So why not open my eyes now. I heard the door slam shut and my body jumped, startled.

"Miss. Carlson? Are you awake?" I could hear the voice still talking to me as I began to open my eyes slowly at my own pace. The sunlight bounced off the white walls and back into my eyes, causing me to squint slightly. I sat up and I looked around the room. I was in the hospital.

Nobody was here for me. The guest chairs next to my bed were empty, cold, unfilled by a person. The needles in my arms were being filled with fluids and into my body. I looked over at the doctor, who had a solemn look on his face. That's when reality hit me again. This was real. Oh God, this was real.

I could feel tears in my eyes as I was looking at him. He soon reached down and held his hand in my own. "Miss. Carlson, Oh how I wish I could tell you that everything will be alright, but I don't know for sure. You are in control of your emotions. Only you." He soon sat up and left the room, leaving me alone.

I looked down at my hands, trying to process everything that has happened. My lip trembled as everything from the night before crossed through my mind, making my throat tighten and my heart ache with grief.

A knock on the door made me suddenly wipe away my tears. I don't know why I decided to hide my pain. Who cared if they saw me crying? That was the part of grief. I lost the one I loved most. The doctor walked in, holding a folder.

"The police found the guy who had committed the crime and... I have some personal questions to ask you." The doctor asked me. I nodded my head and he opened the folder, avoiding my eyesight.

"When you first came into our hospital, we examined you making sure you weren't hurt by the attacker, and we noticed, um, internal ripping in your pelvic area, also known as where the vagina is closely located. There was bruising and we soon looked in your vaginal area and we noticed extreme vaginal tearing in that area. I know this may be a hard topic to talk about... But did your boyfriend ever sexually assault you?"

I sat there looking at him. How do I tell him? I looked deep into his eyes, making sure he had my 100% attention before I told him my story.


"We can take DNA samples to match it to Kevin's own DNA in your vaginal area. I will send the results to the police department when they use it against him in court." The doctor stood up and was about to leave before I had one last question. "How'd they know it was Kevin?" I asked him, quietly. "Well, when they found him, he was intoxicated and the reason why they found him was because of his friends. They told the police about what he did and they soon arrested him and he's waiting for trial. All they need is more evidence before they can prosecute him."

After he left, I laid my head back and I stared up at the ceiling. The white ceiling was soon covered in images flashing before my eyes of Joey. I bit my lips as I held back the tears. I breathed in deeply as I looked over at my phone at the table beside me. I reached over to grab it and I took another deep breath before unlocking it.

That's when I clicked on 'photos' and I soon made my way down memory lane with Joey in my heart, again.

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