I Want To Forget

"I never thought anyone could make me feel this way. I fell for you immediately. But, one day... everything came crashing down. You were gone. You were out of my grasp. I lost you....Forever."

***Chloe meets Joey at her new high school and they both fall for each other immediately. But once something terrible happens to Chloe, he does everything to bring her back...But will his worth cause good....or more harm? Will he be able to take the pain...or will the pain cause her to lose him, instead?****

---Read "I Want To Forget" to find out (: Comment, Like or Favorite for updates. I appreciate feedback so I can improve my story(: So it would be greatly appreciated! xxx- Kay


24. Alright *Short Chapter*

"How was it? Did it hurt?" Joey asked while looking down into my eyes. We were both laying on his bed while I was underneath him, naked. We had just made love and honestly, I don't think I've ever felt more in love with someone like how I am with him.

"No, it was perfect." I said, while running my finger along his lip. I mean, of course it hurt in the beginning but he was gentle enough for me to enjoy the moment. My body has healed of its' bruises and my vagina was back to normal, but of course there were still parts that were sore and painful.

A small smile crept upon his lips and his eyes were reflected with the sunlight peering into the room. I leaned my face up and pressed my lips against his, gently. He rolled off of me and onto his back, while I scooted myself over to him and I laid my head on his chest. He ran his finger up and down my tailbone as I soaked in this entire moment, forever.





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