Dramione Love

Hermione is a witch. She's studying hard at Hogwarts.....a school for wizards and witches. Within her journey she gets a lot of new friends, Ginny, Harry, Ron, Neville. But what about Draco.... Is he someone worth her trust? Is he able to love at all? And who is -P and what does he/she want? This is a Dramione Movella! I really hope you will like it!


3. The Houses!

We where told to leave our trunks outside the train at the platform. You could se the castle but I bet it a long way to walk. A big man who kind of looked like a very small giant walked up to the big group of kids now standing at the platform.

- My name is Hagrid and Professor Dumbledore gave me the order to take you all to the castle! He yelled so that all the kids at the platform could hear him!

We walked for a while when we came up to a big lake. I couldn't se the end of it but I guess it was there somewhere! I was relieved that we didn't had to walk all the way cause I bet it was like 2 miles or something! The small boats where lying at the shore just waiting for us. When all the students had found a place in there own boat I realised that the boats didn't have any paddles! I was about to ask the guy behind me why we didn't have any when the boats started to move, all at once. It was a long trip from the shore to the next and I couldn't sit in silence for very long!

- I'm Hermione what's your name? I asked the boy sitting in front of me.

- I'm Neville, nice to meet you Hermione. He said with a smile on his lips. I often read people like they where open books and I think Neville was relived that someone spoke to him at all. He looked like a guy that didn't have much friends and I was kind of the same. I felt directly that me and Neville would become really good friends.

Neville and I arrived together at the castle. We had talked the whole walk from the shore to the gates that let us inside the castle. Hagrid showed everyone to a big hall with four long tables right next to each other! Every table had there own flags hanging in the roof over there heads! I guess they where the four houses Neville told me about before arriving. There's Ravenclaw, Huffelpuff, Slytherin and Griffindor. The houses had there own animal and colour representing them. Ravenclaw was the house for the smartest of students. It would fit me perfectly because I've always valued intelligence. There colour is blue and grey and there animal is the eagle. Huffelpuff was a house of kind people. There colour was yellow and black and the animal was a badger. Slytherin was according to Neville a house of evil. He told me something about a great wizard who went to Slytherin then became evil and killed a family but left the baby with only a scar. Neville also told me this baby was now going his first year here at Hogwarts just as I did. Slytherin had the colours green and silver and had a serpent as it's animal. Neville also told me about Griffindor. The house of braveness. He told me that it was the house he wanted to get sorted in most of all. Griffindor had the lion and the colours red and gold. It was time for the big sorting. I was ready for Ravenclaw.

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