Dramione Love

Hermione is a witch. She's studying hard at Hogwarts.....a school for wizards and witches. Within her journey she gets a lot of new friends, Ginny, Harry, Ron, Neville. But what about Draco.... Is he someone worth her trust? Is he able to love at all? And who is -P and what does he/she want? This is a Dramione Movella! I really hope you will like it!


6. Draco!

Three Years Later!

It was a awesome day yesterday! We went to Hogsmead and I went shopping with Luna, Cho and Ginny. I did hang out with the girls sometimes but I usually spent my time with Harry and Ron! Neville and I had lost contact and didn't speak to each other if it wasn't necessary. Draco who clearly didn't like Harry and Ron was just a stupid kid who couldn't behave as an adult. He always called us nasty words and pretended that he was more important then us. But when I was alone, Draco was always quite nice to me.

I was now in my third year here at Hogwarts and it really was my second home. I did miss my parents sometime but I went home at the summer and winter breaks! I really loved this school and my friends was now family for me! I would do anything to protect them!

Now I had potions class with Professor Snape. He was the one responsible for the Slytherin house! I was sure he didn't like anyone except those who belonged to Slythein! When I got to the classroom I went and sat in the front! I had just put my books in front of me when someone sat down besides me. I thought it was Harry, Ron or maybe Ginny but when I lifted my head I saw Draco.

- Hey Mione! He said with a smile on his lips.

- Hello Draco, wait why do you call me Mione. Only my friends does that?! I asked him with a quiet voice!

- Aren't we friend?? He asked with a sad but sarcastic voice.

- Eehmm..... I said while getting interrupted by Professor Snape who had started the lesson.

I turned around to concentrate on my cauldron in front of me.

When the lesson was over I walked fast towards the door to avoid Draco's weird question. I walked around the first corner in the corridor and there he was again. Wait what? He was right behind me! I turned around to sneak away in the other direction but he caught me and stopped me with a hand on my shoulder. I turned around to face him but it wasn't Draco!

- Mione? Are you ok? Harry asked me with a concerned voice.

- Yes sorry. I'm just... A little dizzy. That's all. I lied in his face.

- Do you need anything? Maybe we should go back to the common room? He said.

- It's ok I can go there alone. I said turning around.

I left the corridor and went back to my bed. I had told Ginny to tell the Professors I was sick so I could stay home resting. Maybe I was a little sick. I did just get an illusion of Draco standing behind the corner! Did he even sit beside me at potions class today or was that an illusion to? Then I stopped thinking and just fell asleep!

Thank you all for reading my story. Feel free to tell my you opinions! I'm sorry for short chapters but I think it's easier to update more often instead! Love you guys!❤️❤️❤️

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