Dramione Love

Hermione is a witch. She's studying hard at Hogwarts.....a school for wizards and witches. Within her journey she gets a lot of new friends, Ginny, Harry, Ron, Neville. But what about Draco.... Is he someone worth her trust? Is he able to love at all? And who is -P and what does he/she want? This is a Dramione Movella! I really hope you will like it!


16. Accused!

-"A student has been found dead! Great sadness and loss lays upon Hogwarts, this day of sorrow. Pansy Parkinson, a Slytherin student, was last night found dead inside the clock-tower. I'm not going to keep this a secret from you all, and I must announce that this was a murder. Pansy Parkinson was last night killed with one of unforgivable curses and later found by another student in the clock-tower. A message was also found with her body and the Ministry of Magic will take over from here. All students will be watched twenty-four seven and the teachers will be here if you know anything that can help solve this case. Thank you!"

Dumbledore finished his speech with a sad nod and everyone already knew that it was directed towards me. I just wanted all this to be over and I just wanted Draco by my side at all times. But it's to dangerous. One of us will get killed, if not even both of us. I hadn't been sleeping at all and I knew that I wouldn't be able to a long time. This was all suppose to be over by the time Pansy told the truth about this. Now I will probably never know the truth and I will never be able to be with Draco again....Ever!

-"Miss Granger?"

-"Professor McGonagle, is everything alright?"

-"I could ask you the same Miss Granger. Professor Dumbledore wanted to speak to you in his office. It was urgent Miss Granger!"

-"Yes, Thank you Professor!" I said with a greatful smile and I directly choose to go see Dumbledore in his office.

What did Professor Dumbledore want? Was he worried, or did he want to show his support? I was now in the staircase that led up to his office. I heard a few voices but I couldn't recognise the third one. It was Dumbledore, Hagrid and some other manly voice in the room and soon I would be close enough to hear what they were talking about.

-"Mr. Dumbledore, she found the body, we have a reason to believe that she had something to do with this murder." The unrecognisable man said with a darker voice.

-"Professor, I know you don't believe in this nonsence, Miss Granger would never do anything like this. Not even to her worst enemy. She is a good student and a great friend." Hagrid then said.

This wasn't right, I shouldn't be eavesdropping. Not now. I knocked and the conversation stopped. The door opened and Dumbledore let me inside. I could now add a name to the voice. Cornelius Fudge, The Minister for Magic. What were he doing here?

-"Miss Granger, it's a pleasure to finally meet you!" Cornelius said and shook my hand.

-"Yes Sir, you too!" I said giving him a greatful smile.

Hagrid and Dumbledore both welcomed me with open arms but I could see that something was bothering them. I could have guessed the reason to that even before, just by eavesdropping in on one single part in their conversation.

-"Miss Granger, it has come to our attention that you were the one who found miss Parkinson. Is it also correct that Mr Malfoy found you seconds after you'd found the body?" Fudge asked me suspiciously.

-"Yes Mr, that's exactly what happened." I answered him truthfully.

-"Well, if that's so then I wonder if you have anyone that can state what time you left to go see Pansy Parkinson in the clock-tower and what exact time you found the body. I would also like to know Mr Malfoy's part in all this Miss Granger." He said, sounding awfully accusing to me.

-"Well Harry and Ronald would be the ones knowing the first answer. Draco is the one who found me in the clock-tower so that leaves him with answer number two and well, I don't really think that telling you about this story would make things better so I'd rather take this with a friend, Hagrid?" I said making it to obvious that I didn't like the accusing part of this conversation. I'm after all scared that telling anyone at all about -P will make someone else pay this time but if I must tell someone the I'd rather tell Hagrid!


Hi guys. I haven't updated in a long time and I've decided to stop lying to myself and you and just accept that i haven't been busy with schoolstuff or to tired, I've just been to lazy to update and I will probably continue to be. That's why I have decided that I will just write when I feel like I want to and when I'm motivated, and a tip to you guys is to comment when you think i haven't updated In a long time cause then I get really motivated and I will probably write a new chapter for you! Love you guys so much❤️❤️❤️

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